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Hop On Big Data: Sniper Sales
Blog / For Sales Pros / Sep 9, 2017 / Posted by Mary Grace / 6850

Hop On Big Data: Sniper Sales


Big data is an ocean of information about everything you’ve ever wanted to know, and if you can learn to use it, your sales team can be incredibly efficient with their time and tactics. Taking the time to gather information for them, analyzing what you’ve gathered, and putting it to good use will help your sales team make precisely-timed calls to your clients, help you assess employee needs, and can even help your office become a safer place.

Make a Data Pool

Creating a data pool is an important first step. There’s a ton of customer and employee information available out there to use, but you need to gather it all in a consumable format first. Moving files online is a great start in amassing data, plus, it can help you go a little greener. What sort of information are you taking in?

As much as possible. Things like time of order, company name, address, phone numbers will create a pool for you to pick and choose through later. Some information may even help you find a trend you didn’t think existed. You may not be one hundred percent sure what you’re looking for, so gather anything you could use to profile your customers and employees.

Analyzing Information

Ready to dive into a pool of data? It’s a lot of information waiting to be unsealed and used, and diving headfirst into that ocean can drown you. Plan it out to stay afloat.

Once all that information is available to you, categorizing and using it well will be the hardest part. Classifying and categorizing information based on what immediate trends you can clearly see in the information is one of the best ways to get immediate results. You can also try your hand with logistic regression, which is much, much more complex, but the best way to get usable data from the ocean pulled. You can use this information to make real changes within your company, from both an employee and consumer point of view.


There are so many positive applications for big data in sales. Whether you’re managing your team or making better experience by anticipating your customer needs, big data can transform the way you run your business.

Sales Success

Whether your new customer campaign is based on client-heavy locations, or want to provide a personalized sales process to each long-term client, your company can only improve when you use data and analytics effectively. Long-term customers deserve a company that can anticipate their needs and rise to meet them. New customers are waiting out there for your team to find.

You can anticipate the needs of your long-term customers and form a sale strategy around their needs by creating an individual portrait of what they want and how they can grow with you. Do they need your products every other month? Are they interested in expanding? Do they have a sister company? You know your product is important to them, when and for what reason do they need it?

Getting new customers is hard, and so is tracking down leads, and so is awkwardly asking potential clients if they need your services. But if you use your data well, you already know that you are exactly what they need — you! After all, your research shows that they are in your audience, that they could use your products, and that you are the best option. You can target locations where people love you, utilize their onsite activities to determine if a follow-up is merited, or use it to expand your marketing campaigns.

Using big data gives your sales team better leads and more useful information before they dive in. Help your sales team be successful by giving them a leg up on current clients and building more effective leads.

Employee Success

With solid leads and repeating customers, your sales team should do much better. You can also use information collected about employees. You can improve safety and learn to utilize each employee at their peak productivity. What motivated each person, where do they work best, and what sort of environment can you offer them?

Using large amounts of information efficiently is difficult, but it can help your employees to be successful and your customers to get the best out of you. Take your business to the next level by diving into the ocean of data out there.

How has your sales team successfully utilized big data? Leave a comment and let us know.

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