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Hidden Sales Gems for Success
Blog / For Sales Pros / Jan 11, 2024 / Posted by Elinor Stutz / 38

Hidden Sales Gems for Success


Systematic goal setting and tracking progress are essential for achieving your desired success. Although it may appear time-consuming, establishing a rhythm for setting and achieving goals will help you realize success more quickly. Read the guarded sales secrets to help you exceed your goals.

Like me, avid goal-setting and achievement may become a newfound habit that works exceptionally well.

Attention from Others

Stage One: ‘You are crazy; that will never work; you may as well give up today!

Stage Two: Your ideas are impossible to achieve; why don’t you finally quit?

Stage Three: With an incredulous voice, ‘How are you advancing at lightning speed?’

Sales Secrets to Exceed Your Goals

Later in my career, I learned to add a target date for each goal. It motivated me to complete the task early, if not on a specific date.

Embrace your unique identity as it becomes your brand. Ultimately, when done well, people will (believe it or not) ask permission to purchase from you.

Goal Setting for the New Year and Beyond

Envision how you want others to remember you. Begin with your future vision and work the timeline backward, setting the goals so that everything synchronizes. Create the first yearly goal, followed by quarterly, monthly, and weekly goals. Ensure you set each goal with your future vision in mind.

Next, keep a running daily task list for efficiency as thoughts arrive. Doing so saves time attempting to recall what you wanted to do. Own who you are and the goals you want to achieve; never allow anyone to dissuade you.

Accept the Following:

  1. Welcome the worst.
  2. ‘Our worst experiences are often ‘our gifts in disguise.’
  3. Weigh the pros and cons of surprising statements by asking specific questions for clarity and in-depth understanding.
  4. In your private time, mentally review the negativity you hear to consider a possible missing detail to include.

Monitor Results

No individual succeeds every single time. Flexibility is an essential trait. It’s vital to be flexible enough to either revamp our original idea or toss it aside to replace it with a potentially better strategy.

Exceeding Goals

When negativity is too much to bear, work alone until you develop a system to meet your desires. Upon seeing your progress, the others will eventually cave in to ask how you are doing it.

Salespeople vs. Entrepreneurs

Keeping successful strategies secretive for sales professionals is a common practice to earn bonuses ahead. But as an entrepreneur, it is best to share what we learn with trustworthy others to find collaborative efforts and Slay the Sale! Together, our goal achievements can become exponential.

Don’t Quit! Listen to the Podcast:

Never Give Up – Find A Better Way!

Remain current on new technology and strategic approaches to improve your endeavors. Learn from everyone and every experience – good or bad. As you seek out new skills and adapt to the new, you will receive surprise offers and attention that were never yours prior. Dedication is the qualifier for ultimately finding success. You will thank your future self for never giving up!

Sales Secrets to Exceed Your Goals

Establish a unique identity in the marketplace for branding purposes. Next, combine efforts with trustworthy partners to reach larger audiences, grow greater possibilities, and finally earn the recognition you desire from the ongoing effort.

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