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Four Reasons Smart CRM Software Can Help You Close More Deals
Blog / Sales Management / Jan 9, 2014 / Posted by Richard Young / 9061

Four Reasons Smart CRM Software Can Help You Close More Deals

One of the key reasons to use CRM software is because it empowers your business to nurture leads and convert them into sales – far more efficiently than you could do without this software.

If you’d like some proof to back up this claim, here are four reasons why:

Automatic syncing with the right CRM software is easy#1: Automate Data Entry

One of the more obvious benefits of CRM software is its ability to cut back on that annoying, time-consuming data entry.

“Smart cloud” CRM systems will automatically sync any data entry. That means if you choose the option with a smartphone or tablet app, any data that your sales team enters on the go, will be instantly available at the office.

In addition, if you’re at a trade show or exhibition, any leads you capture will be instantly synced. As a result, your staff at HQ can follow up leads there and then, without waiting for exhibition staff to return. This benefit also applies to webinar sign ups, as well as people who complete opt-in details online. If your various online solutions are organised to talk to each other (which is very easy if you use a solution such as Zapier), you can instantly switch on autoresponder campaigns or other follow-up methods and start nurturing leads fast.

What’s more, because your sales teams are spending less time faffing with data entry, they’ll have more time to focus on building relationships with customers and nudging prospects along the sales pipeline.

#2: Know Your Metrics

Without access to KPIs and the ability to quickly and easily grab the numbers that indicate performance, your sales team will struggle to make well-informed decisions and get clear on their performance.

CRM software avoids the need to rely on gut instinct and intuition, and instead gives you direct access to better sales intelligence. You’ll be able to understand a whole raft of detailed information including:

  • Which contact methods are most likely to convert into a sale
  • Exactly where different prospects are sitting within your sales pipeline
  • How quickly prospects move from stage to stage
  • Which sales tactics are most effective
  • Which sales techniques either don’t work or are inefficient
  • Which sales reps are achieving their targets – and which reps are struggling

What impact do you think this could have on your sales performance?

#3: Better Communication and Stronger Customer Relationships

All things being equal; customers are far more likely to buy from someone they know, like and trust. As a result, a key part of your sales rep’s job is to invest the time and effort needed to build relationships.

Access to smart CRM tool will help significantly with this goal. Firstly, the right CRM software will help sales reps work smarter and more efficiently. This means they’ll have more time available to get in front of prospects and have the conversations that lead to a sale.

In addition, your CRM will develop into an invaluable database, holding intelligence about customers and prospects. For example, the CRM will hold; customer contact details, buying habits, average spend, the CRM lead generator that attracted a prospect into your sales funnel and notes of conversations that you’ve had etc.

To start with, this information can be used to review your buyer persona for accuracy. If sales reps have a clear view of why they need to be targeting and what drives and motivates the ideal client, the more likely they are to be able to convert prospects.

Equally useful, is that by using CRM software sales reps don’t need to remember everything. That’s because key information about a prospect can be stored in the CRM – accessible to all. In turn, this promotes teamwork. If a prospect talks with a number of people in your sales team, details of those conversations can be recorded and potential customers won’t get annoyed at being asked to repeat themselves. As a result, your organisation appears more professional, and deals are more likely to be closed.

#4: Move Faster

Smart sales reps understand the buyers’ cycle. They will also be skilled at asking the right questions to help them assess the customer’s readiness to buy.

Some customers will be at the start of their buying journey. It’s likely these individuals will be focused on information gathering and comparing options in preparation for a future purchase. In comparison, there will be other prospects who are looking for a solution NOW.

Timing can be key when it comes to closing a deal. Wait too long, and you lose an opportunity, push too hard and a potential lead could walk away. Once again, your CRM software can help. That’s because the right CRM solution will enable you to see your pipeline, end to end and in real time.

You’ll be able to see when a new prospect comes on-board and in turn you can react quickly. Not only can this help you outsmart your competition, it could increase the likelihood of your making a sale.

Which is the Right CRM Software Solution for You?

As you know, there is a huge range of CRM solutions on the market right now. As a result, it can be confusing and time-consuming deciding which is right for you. Get your free trial of Pipeliner CRM now.Why not sign up, try the solution in your business and see for yourself how Pipeliner CRM is equipped to help your sales team close more deals.

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