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Do You Possess the Resolve to Be and Advance Your Career?
Blog / For Sales Pros / Oct 15, 2022 / Posted by Elinor Stutz / 19

Do You Possess the Resolve to Be and Advance Your Career?


Whether you desire to improve sales, climb the corporate ladder, or become entrepreneurial, the first step is to question what you want to achieve and why. Part two is to muster up the resolve to be and advance your career.

Upon hearing the question for the first time, ‘To be or not to be’ written by Shakespeare, curiosity about the meaning took hold. Over time, the following question and those relating to it became relevant to our careers: ‘how badly do you want to succeed?’

No matter the field of endeavor, there is never a straight path to success because we each differ in our thoughts and actions. Therefore, training cannot be a hand-off as a golden ticket for becoming a star salesperson, craftsperson, or whatever you desire. Instead, the success ticket resides within each of us. Anything you hope to achieve is possible with the one requirement of stamina for moving past challenging times and people.

2. Mindset

Each year, month, time, day, hour, minutes, and seconds gives us time to change habits and create our individualized opportunities. The question is, are you ready to recreate for the better? Should your answer be, Yes, you are now ready for step two. If no, is your answer, whatever the reasoning, expect to be at a career standstill until the change becomes possible.

2. Imagine

Occasionally, people will have dreams come to them in their sleep, while others will daydream when enjoying hobbies, the outdoors, or exercising in the gym. Whatever the occasion, know and accept those thoughts speak to you. They can be your guides for advancing your career if you allow them to be. The ball is now in your court to pay attention, aka to or not to be. If you desire to be, step 3 is next.

3. Sift through Random Ideas

Admitting that one unique thought reoccurs about what you want to be when you grow up becomes the time to give it equal opportunity instead of dismissing it. Upon realizing the next career position that you dream about is the precise moment in time to create your plan to achieve it. When a smile and excitement about the thought arrive, it’s time to move away from the career stalemate, seemingly ‘stuck forever’ unless you are willing to be in a concentrated effort to move forward.

4. Planning

Upon selecting your dream job or position at corporate, write down your seemingly ‘impossible’ goal.

Review your destiny goal daily and make necessary adjustments to the plan until it is your reality. Take caution that good friends, colleagues, and management often dismiss your ambition, but it is your life to take control. It may be lonely for a long while, but your effort will prove worthwhile in the end. Best of all, you may well inspire others to do the same.

Planning includes setting yearly goals that relate to your ultimate vision. Next, set quarterly goals relating to the annual, monthly, weekly, and daily goals. Working in this style is essential for several reasons:

  • Efficiency
  • Staying on track for what you desire no matter the barriers
  • Development of self-awareness and abilities for an increase in motivation and drive success
  • Testing and revising strategies to refine for the better outcome
  • Achieving your long-held desire.

5. Embrace the Worst

Although the last step may seem ridiculous, accepting horrific circumstances we did not anticipate and examining from all angles will typically provide the more valuable lessons to heed. Combing through the worst and seeking the wisdom to embrace will help you advance your career.

6. Review, Celebrate, and Share

Be proud of your accomplishments. Review how far you have come as you achieve each new milestone. The final step is to share what you learn with others so they may also accomplish their silent dreams.

Whether promotion into management is a reality or not, following these steps will put you into a leadership position of your choosing. It’s time we accept that promotion is in our hands, and we should not wait for others to make their proclamation. If we do, the waiting time will seem like forever, or it will never happen.

In Conclusion: You can be whatever it is you desire by following the groundwork laid out above. Keep your destiny in your hands to live life without regret and achieve more than you ever thought possible.

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