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Do You Find Some Decisions Can Be Tricky?
Blog / For Sales Pros / Mar 1, 2021 / Posted by Elinor Stutz / 1764

Do You Find Some Decisions Can Be Tricky?

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 Some decisions are quick and easy, while others have us facing sleepless nights. The anxiety mounts as we realize the deadline is soon, and the factors to consider are many.

For business, the two main concerning factors are time and money. If a project requires a large sum upfront or will delay our other projects, we have to think twice about moving forward. Worse is when the areas of knowledge that will ease the flow for progress are not our strength. Hiring help becomes a requirement. An arrangement that requires expertise that we do not have can put us into a sinkhole of self-doubt and further anxiety.

And if a large amount of time becomes a requirement to make the new project highly successful, it detracts from our current effort that is already bringing in income. The question becomes, will the new project make the learning curve and detraction from our latest effort worthwhile? The issue can turn into a troubling dilemma.

Entrepreneurs frequently contemplate new business opportunities. Unfortunately, most are not a match for our expertise. We are to remind ourselves what we want to accomplish in our lifetime and if the new idea is compatible with our long-range goal.

The better questions to ask are:

  • How much money will I need?
  • Are there any hidden costs?
  • What will I need to learn to make the project successful?
  • Do I have the time, the patience, and the know-how to do a good launch?
  • How long before the business starts paying for itself?

At stake for financial gain are the time and self-education commitments to do well. On the other side of the issue is the detraction from the everyday work that currently earns income. Digging further, is there a need to hire one employee, several, or additional people who can help run the operation?

However, goal setting with a mission in mind may help turn the tide to ease the decision-making dilemma. Early in our careers, some of us may not know what we want to accomplish ultimately, but as time moves forward, the answer becomes clear.

Working backward enables one to more accurately set the goals in need to make the desired outcome reality. It’s essential to heed the answer to where our passion resides.

The reason is our passion provides the motivation and determination to succeed, plus resilience when unforeseen setbacks occur. Most will quit their endeavor because they do not have an inspiring and far-reaching goal that motivates them to continue. When the worst happens, we need to give ourselves a pep talk, pick ourselves up, and continue with our vision in mind.

The most efficient practice is each evening to reflect on what took place during the day. Recall the highlights of the best and the worst experiences. Consider how you may maximize the best and minimize the worst. Last, review if any strategy was affected by an occurrence and if a revenue stream needs adjustment.

At the end of each week, reset your goals for the following week and ensure they will improve the monthly and quarterly goals too. Habitually focusing on goals will give you a more robust outcome by year-end.

And your long-term vision is more likely to happen.

Even better is when we have an idea for improving the well-being of a community. Doing so can drive us further than we ever anticipated. Along with this type of journey, we meet similar-minded people with goals matching ours. The collaborative effort works well on several leaves:

Conversations with similar-minded people usually produce ideas to empower a project. The following typically occurs:

  • The collective work becomes invigorating.
  • A group atmosphere becomes a motivating force to help everyone move forward.
  • New creative ideas arise and incorporate into the plan.
  • The robust approach increases the odds for success ahead.

Suggestions you may take under consideration:

Seek out an organization that may represent your ideals. Should you find one, determine where you might best contribute. And then do your best to get to know the other people associated with the group. Next, agree to share admired work on the social platforms and further spread visibility plus recommendations.

As collaborative activity increases among members, interviews and media attention may take hold. Returning to individual decisions, ideas for new products and services may come to mind for an increase in your work interest. The reconciling between effective time management and income potential once again appears.

It’s an endless cycle. But as we attempt to become adept with decision-making, it gets easier over time.  Practice and perseverance make along with meticulous planning, and improvement is the success differentiators.

What can you do today that will improve your tomorrow?

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