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Do Client Stories Occasionally Come To Mind?
Blog / For Sales Pros / Jun 16, 2021 / Posted by Elinor Stutz / 1937

Do Client Stories Occasionally Come To Mind?


 As we speak with peers and begin to exchange experiences, client stories occasionally come to mind. Most of us will typically remember the best and the worst experiences. Anything in-between, we tend to forget.

Once we realize that sales are not a standalone effort but that marketing, branding, and developing our brand are essential components, our overall sales effort improves. Accordingly, it becomes essential to provide the best customer experience we may and make it memorable.

The extra effort is well worthwhile as it leads to the development of a returning and referring clientele.

Although I enjoyed a sales career long ago, a smile comes over me as I occasionally recall a couple of highly unusual incidents. On the other side of the thought is, do my former clients remember the occurrences, too? However, the importance is in our clientele enjoying the experience we provide and will then relay it to their peers.

The common saying is, a picture is worth 1,000 words. A favorite recollection of mine involving numerous photos proves that we can use them with clients to create fond memories. Enjoy the following example:

One day, I finally received a call from one prospective client after receiving about ten of my photos. Upon walking into the offices, I knew that I was about to create new client stories. The entire collection of photos was spread through the offices and taped to the walls. One employee whispered that my competitors were highly frustrated as they didn’t stand a chance!

At the time, I was selling printers. My joy was in finding funny photos. I would first scan the image onto paper. I would photocopy the pages to show off the quality of the printer brand we sold. And my unique strategy was to include humor by adding a caption underneath each photo:

Humorous Caption Examples:

  1. A truck high in the limbs of a tree: “Set your goals higher!”
  2. A woman in the pool using her laptop: “Keep your business afloat!”
  3. A dog wearing a baseball cap: “Doggone it, call me!”

Overall, I enjoyed speaking with the people I met, except for a few. In those instances, I didn’t bother following up. It was more important to enjoy the experience by creating a favorable moment for the client and myself. Often, the friendly conversations led to receiving a business contract. Repeat business and referrals came next. The laughter we shared, and the warm welcome for each new appointment, encouraged me always to strive to create fond memories. And it is those client stories that occasionally come to mind.

The underlying intention of sharing these stories is to provide helpful insights for successful selling. Should you be curious about some of these events with my clientele, I contributed many of the stories to SalesPop!

An overlooked factor is the importance of enjoying the work we do. Laughter and fond remembrances are non-existent if we do not care about our profession. Caring and sharing are what will get us through tough times, failures too, and will fast-forward us to a new level we never saw coming.

We can similarly develop our communications on social platforms. By taking the time to research people and their companies, we have a far better chance to attract interest and then enjoy an in-depth conversation. The importance for entrepreneurs and companies is to build a known and respectable brand. As admiration increases, so do connections and followings. Over time, new and better opportunities arrive that make the extra effort well worthwhile.

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 What Comes To Mind For You?

Find the time to reflect on your previous career days. Is there a special moment in time that brings a smile? Retrace the steps leading up to the event and why it’s a happy moment. And then consider if it’s something you may duplicate in today’s environment.

Proper communications are everything if you want to create client stories. Consider whether there is energy in your voice, and a smile on your face. Review whether everything comes through as it should in the email you write and the responses you give. Similarly, think about the answers you receive. Are the replies almost rude, or are they welcoming? Taking a moment to consider how people respond to you provides excellent insight for potential improvement.

Do Clients and Prospects:

  • Give you a warm welcome.
  • State they enjoy the conversation.
  • Suggest you return and eagerly consider your ideas.
  • View you as their go-to person.
  • Develop into friendly clients.

And if you are on a job that you do not enjoy, you may want to consider your next assignment. Or, as an entrepreneur who is not entirely satisfied with today, contemplate and admit your deepest desire for achievement. Next, focus on your deep-down desires. Then chart out a plan for attaining your future vision. It’s never too late to try something new or set a new goal. The only items that will set you back are the lack of motivation or the willingness to try.

Last, keep a record of your new and improved journey should you decide to take one. Note the pitfalls and the highlights along the way. The practice becomes your journal for client stories to occasionally come to mind.

Sales Tips: Client Stories

  1. Carefully examine what you most enjoy.
  2. Refine components of your plan to focus on enjoyment.
  3. Immediately complete what you don’t want to do to eliminate wasted time.
  4. Do what’s necessary upfront to get it out of the way.
  5. Prioritize the want-to-do and must-do lists.
  6. Make time every day for what you like doing most.
  7. Every evening, review the day for what you may improve tomorrow.
  8. Each evening, recall what went well along with the ‘why’ to replicate tomorrow.
  9. Create your task list for the next day to increase efficiency.
  10. Celebrate Success!

 Today’s insights are to help you achieve the Smooth Sale!

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