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Creating a Culture of “Sales” Throughout Your Entire Organization
Blog / For Sales Pros / Nov 16, 2015 / Posted by Sales POP! Recommends / 3363 

Creating a Culture of “Sales” Throughout Your Entire Organization

It’s no longer just the sales teams who are responsible for “sales.” Today – every person who interacts with customers is a part of the sales team and is in part, responsible for sales results.

Here are three tips for managers and executives to help the entire company become “sales centric:”

  1. Focus: As the leader of your organization, your goal is to focus your entire group on the sales goals and insist that each member of your company can articulate where the company is headed and what their role is in achieving the company’s sales goals.
  2. Accountability: Accountability is not just a benchmark of negative results. It can also be a standard for a positive sentiment in your organization. Of course we need to hold everyone accountable – but make sure you’re also using accountability to identify what your teams are doing right.
  3. Tracking: If the whole team is responsible for sales, then revenue goals can’t just be limited to the sellers’ performance. On any project – members of every part of your teams should have assigned, measurable goals that relate to sales revenue.

Building a strong sales organization means that everyone is in sales and everyone is responsible and accountable for sales goals.

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