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Change Your Thought Patterns and Change Your Success!
Blog / For Sales Pros / Aug 15, 2016 / Posted by Marge Bieler / 6817

Change Your Thought Patterns and Change Your Success!

Let’s face it, we’ve all had stinking-thinking at times. Why is it some people always have great things happen to them? It’s called positive thinking.

As Hafiz says, “The words you speak become the house you live in.

So what type of house are you living in within your head?

It’s been proven that our words impact our success. Harvard University did a study on how new research in neuroscience shows that positive thinking really changes your brain, it’s called neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity refers to the potential that the brain has to REORGANIZE by creating NEW neural pathways to adapt, as it needs. In other words, your brain becomes your tuning fork to meet your needs.

When our thoughts are positive, encouraging things happen the most. Just ask Lisa Macy, Owner and President of Coldwell Banker RMB. She’s tapped into how to envision success. When I say envision, I mean, closing her eyes and really visioning her success. She dreamed big and kept dreaming that one day she’d build her own office building and purchase a brand new Porsche Convertible. Yep, she’s got both.

However, if you are a pessimist or skeptic you most likely aren’t experiencing the most encouraging things. What can you do to stop the “negative” tape in your head? Change your thought patterns using these easy steps:

  1. Journal – keep a journal and write down when you are mad, sad, stressed or anxious. What type of tape plays in your head? Now choose to reword your thoughts you tell yourself.
  2. Stop Focusing on “What If” Scenarios – Control your mind, don’t cast it into the future and invoke scenes and thoughts about what could go wrong or create ‘what if’ scenarios. When you do this it automatically starts your negative thought patterns.
  3. Dream Big – Imagine yourself closing that 2.5-million-dollar sale and purchasing the car of your dreams. Envision your success for one month, live and breathe the experience of success. Before you get out of bed, envision your day.  If you keep your negative thoughts in check, and really live out the positive thoughts for 30 days, you’ll succeed, promise!
  4. Don’t Trip Forward – as James Thurbur says, “Let us not look back in anger or forward in fear, but around in awareness.” We all get stressed over whether or not we will accomplish certain goals and we get scared or anxious about our finances and relationships. That’s life! Stay in the moment, and envision the future as successful. If you believe in a higher being, pray to that being. It’s amazing when you have faith in someone else, how much lighter you become.

Being mindful of your thoughts means being aware of your thought patterns and what impact your thoughts have on your own success. Positive choices have positive consequences and negative choices have negative consequences. What choice will you choose for yourself?

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