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#SalesChats Ep. 10: Buyer Personas for Effective Sales with Tony Zambito


Improving Sales Effectiveness With Buyer Personas with Tony Zambito

Buyer personas may very well be the secret to marketing and sales alignment. Tony Zambito, creator of the buyer persona, explains the whats, hows, and whys of buyer persona creation and maintenance for business success.

Tony brings nearly two decades of expertise to the interview, providing fresh insights into sales & marketing processes that are frankly broken, wrong or ill-understood at many companies.

Q1: How is a buyer persona and a target audience different?
Q2: What value do buyer personas bring to your #sales efforts?
Q3: Who should create the buyer persona?
Q4: When creating a buyer persona, what main questions should you ask?
Q5: What are some rookie mistakes you see people make when working with buyer personas?
Q6: Can a business have multiple buyer personas?
Q7: How often should a company update their buyer personas?
Q8: What role does the buyer persona play in a sales strategy?
Q9: How can buyer personas help to increase sales conversations?

The #SalesChats Super-Charged Sales Tip: Name one of your daily secrets to getting in the right Mindset for Success?

About Author

Tony is the founder and leading authority in buyer personas for B2B Marketing. In 2002, Tony established the first buyer persona development methodology designed for B2B Marketing and Sales. Tony empowers Fortune 100 organizations with operationalizing buyer personas with deep customer insights

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