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Are You Training Robots Or Entrepreneurial Humans To Sell?
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Are You Training Robots Or Entrepreneurial Humans To Sell?


You are currently on the job selling to a specific audience. Training is complete but does not reveal how to resolve various issues concerning your clientele. First and foremost, to keep your job, it is necessary to know the company’s expectations of you in detail and where the boundaries are to avoid over-stepping. On the other hand, management will do best by considering whether they are training robots or humans to sell.

The company’s expectation of every salesperson is to be truthful and take responsibility for what does not work correctly to find a satisfactory solution. Similarly, punctuality and following up on promises are essential for building client loyalty. One main difference between a creative sales representative and one who merely follows a script is the flexible person generates greater appreciation among clientele.

‘Top producing representatives generate enthusiasm and loyalty among their clientele.

Interactions with your clients are far from formulaic. Some managers get visibly upset when a creative approach by a representative occurs. But the other perspective is to consider whether you are training robots or humans to do their best?

The issues that may arise may require:

  • Asking many questions to comprehend the main problem and associated issues in detail.
  • Recognizing the client’s perspective and speaking to their concerns.
  • Inquiries about how the client sees the solution
  • Revealing what your company can and cannot provide as a part of the solution.
  • Creative thinking of ideas that may satisfy the issue and the client.
  • Negotiation for finding a satisfactory outcome for all.
  • Checking in to ensure that all is good for moving forward together.

A sales representative may hear many suggestions for resolving an issue that excludes on-the-spot creative thinking. The one tip is to be entrepreneurial. Most often, beginning entrepreneurs are generally a one-stop shop. Solo business practitioners face the need to be creative and productive both at the same time. The entrepreneur has a never-ending need to be on top of the latest research and technology to decide which discoveries will fit into their budgets plus help with business growth.

Experience shows that many salespeople grow complacent. They believe that once training is under their belt, there is no need to take outside classes or do research after hours. But for anyone to excel, remaining stagnant is never the case. It becomes a downward cycle that will ultimately find one getting fired for poor effort and lack of results.

How will creativity empower salespeople without annoying management? It may take some explaining. However, the results are telling and generally win over management’s thinking.

Reviews include how each representative contributes to the profit of the company. The most telling result is in the bottom line via the business each rep brings to the table. The customers seek out the standout representatives who go the extra mile for them to resolve complaints. And as long as you have dedicated clientele, management will have difficulty arguing with your process.

The ultimate goal for any business is to create client loyalty. It’s a step-by-step process that begins with client appreciation for the representative or entrepreneur. Next, branding starts with good word of mouth, referrals, and online testimonials. Accordingly, the clients are loyal and appear as your in-house marketing staff enabling further sales.

In Summary: Being human with a touch of creativity wins the day, plus a returning and referring clientele!

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