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Are You The Salesperson Companies Desire?
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Are You The Salesperson Companies Desire?


Being the salesperson companies desire is no easy task, especially with vast differences in the company culture. Never assume a sale; work for it instead is the motto, but for a moment, let’s assume you like your place of work and you want to be a likable salesperson.

The ultimate goal of a business is to create a loyal fan base. Similarly, salespeople are to strive to earn a returning and referring clientele. When companies and staff work side-by-side in unison toward one goal, everyone is in a position for business growth and a greater financial reward.

Entrepreneurs will do well to take sales training classes or at least read sales books from leaders in the field. Business owners will do their best to train their employees and hire mentors along the way. Several examples below give insight into why the topic is important and how we may improve business growth.

Requests for Reviews

Upon receiving assurance that a client could resolve an online issue, a customer service representative reached out to say the following: ‘I’m so glad I was able to help! Please write a review on my behalf.’

The response was, ‘I fixed the issue myself; it would be a false claim if I were to say your company did.’

Opening Introduction

Upon attempting to connect with another, whether verbally or in written communication, use a line from the person’s profile and explain why it caught your interest. Connecting the dots upfront is essential to avoid a quick delete or exit from a conversation.

Drop the Scam

Frequent ‘publicity offers’ are received to feature one as a leader in varying magazines. The problem is that publicity is traditionally free of charge. The promotion highlights the work of someone earning admiration that will potentially benefit the magazine’s audience. However, the steep financial requests eliminate the term ‘publicity’ and are more accurately known as ‘paid advertising.’

Whether the company is in charge of the examples above or the individual takes it upon themselves to conduct business in that manner, doing so harms business growth. The better approach is to understand the other person’s or company’s needs and interests first and then apply what you have to offer accordingly. Doing so increases the likelihood of the first sale. A prompt follow-up to see if everything is as expected will encourage client loyalty – the element all business needs for growth.

Working on behalf of clientele benefits the individual salesperson, the team, and the employer. When integrity and trust are part of your brand identity, business sometimes unfolds unexpectedly. Accordingly, you will be the salesperson both clients and companies desire.

Should you be one seeking new work, convert how you work with people into two-minute stories to illustrate a challenging situation that you were able to overcome and transform into a loyal client. The story-sharing will intrigue the person interviewing you. As the applicant, know that the company for which you are applying is beholden to its brand reputation. Before the interview ensure you align with the company brand and that your stories convey it in an underlying tone.

Last, planning for all appointments and the care you demonstrate for others is what will encourage a decision in your favor. The reward can be substantial, including enjoying your clientele to the fullest extent and having work seem like a hobby. But the hard work is never complete. Your challenge is consistently showing that you stand behind your words for others to find you credible and trust you to acquire new business and groom loyal clients for further growth.

In Conclusion: Your dedication to becoming the salesperson companies desire aids developing a satisfying career.

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