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Are You Open to the Direct Route?
Blog / For Sales Pros / Nov 29, 2018 / Posted by Elinor Stutz / 2865

Are You Open to the Direct Route?


It boggles the mind to hear people suggest there is only one way to tackle a situation. Even worse is when they take the long journey for reaching goals versus seeking out the most direct route. The issue is similar to using the perimeter of a square versus taking the diagonal.

If we believe that time is money, then it makes sense to seek out all efficiencies for an increase in productivity. The direct route refers to the consideration of all possibilities to find the shortest and quickest path.

The number one strategy for business success is always to have your eye on the goal. In my sales career, the short path I took was to ask ‘why did you agree to see me today?’ The answer provides insight on what to continue doing. As conversation develops, problems automatically reveal themselves. And instead of guessing what will make the sale final, I would always ask the prospective client. The conversation style was my shortcut to success.

Late last year, I found it difficult both time and thought-wise to create original blogs continually. My strategy now is whenever I read of work that inspires me; I offer businesspeople guest blog spots. The qualifier is their work fits my audience and adheres to the guidelines. Peers told me I was foolish even to consider sharing the spotlight.

Slowly but surely the guest queue began to build. Even better, the newer content marketing strategy of using an Infographic became popular. Although I have no idea how to compile these, my guest bloggers know. By handing the blog reigns over on Fridays, our audiences continue to grow. In sales, this is known as the win-win as we all see the benefit with the larger readership.

Encouraging Diversity in Thinking

Connecting all of the dots, sharing opportunities is another type of diversity and collaborative effort. I collect stories from people located in all parts of the world sharing their worst and best experiences. And an Infographic visually displays the latest trends. In this sense, myself, guest bloggers and our reading audiences all benefit.

Re-thinking the Direct Route

On occasion you probably find yourself wondering how you can fit all of the necessary activities into a day. Year-end is even more stressful as the desire to close business becomes urgent.

Take alone time to review and prioritize everything on your agenda including:

  • All the must do’s
  • The quick and easy tasks versus the time-consuming
  • Activities that will help achieve sales before year-end

Completing the quick and easy tasks first to get them out of the way is generally a good idea. But if they do not add momentum to upcoming sales, move the functions to the bottom of the list. Determine where help may assist you in getting to your goal, but do not allow others to distract you from the time commitment. For each item consider the possibilities and the shortest route available for completion.

Brainstorm and collaborate with those you trust and admire. Excellent ideas unexpectedly arise that will increase enthusiasm and motivation to continue moving forward.

Partnering makes life easier and increases the determination for exceeding your goals. In the end, the direct route wins the day.

Sales Tips for Pursuing the Direct Route

  1. Plan out what you want to achieve
  2. Analyze all possibilities for achieving each goal
  3. Determine which route is the most efficient time and money-wise
  4. Find collaborative partners willing to put in a similar effort
  5. Select contributors who complement your area of expertise
  6. Keep the needs, wants and desires of your clientele in mind at all times
  7. Track the increase of your client base and followings
  8. Ask your audience what you can do to improve to save time wasted on trial and error
  9. Implement the best of the feedback
  10. Celebrate Success and enjoy the Smooth Sale!
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