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Ali Mirza SalesPOP Blogger of the Year 2016


Congratulations to Ali Mirza for winning SalesPOP! Blogger of the Year for 2016!

Ali, who is an accomplished sales master and trainer, feels that blogging is a great way to communicate. He says, “Many times when we’re communicating, we end up very ‘pitchy’ and not expressing a lot of our knowledge or communicating our knowledge. I think that blogging allows us to remove the pitch and actually just communicate our knowledge so that when someone is prepared to engage with us, I think that they have a better understanding of some of our methodologies and the way that we think. So it’s a great platform and a great manner to get your information out there, and really it’s a great magnet to bring people in. So I think blogging is incredibly important.”

Ali began selling when he was 18 years old—he sold cars for a couple weeks. His real foray into sales was selling insurance, which he did for 4 or 5 years, after which he and partners started Rose Garden Consulting. The idea behind the company was to build a systematized process which companies could use for sales day in and day out. “I’ve been quoted many times as saying, ‘Sales is not hard,’ Ali says. “It’s A plus B equals C. It’s long division. If you follow the right steps, if you engage in the right activities, the results will follow. That’s what we try and help companies do.”

About Author

Ali is the founder and president of Rose Garden Consulting, a contemporary sales process firm, Co-Founder of WMC, a beta stage SaaS platform, Advisor at Bax, Mentor at ATDC, Host of For The Close Podcast and an Adjunct Professor at General Assembly. Ali is a renowned speaker and an author, his first co-author book with Aaron Ross: Predictable Closing.


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