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After Your Sales Job Interview: Polish Up the Perfect “Thank You” Email
Blog / For Sales Pros / Aug 5, 2015 / Posted by Chad Porter / 9811

After Your Sales Job Interview: Polish Up the Perfect “Thank You” Email

You’ve just finished up an interview, congratulations! If you’re the hiring manager, you will expect a “thank you” email from your interviewee. Here’s what this important follow-up task should accomplish — relevancy and impact. Is the candidate thoughtful? Clear? Focused on the right things?

Here’s how interviewees can tackle the post-interview “thank you” email:

First rule, know your audience.

Was your sales interview with HR or the hiring manager? HR notes should focus on company culture and keywords. Keywords? Clues? Yes. HR has the unenvious task of being experts across multiple company functions – (e.g., to identify a great salesperson and a great java developer) … not easy.

In conversation, they’ve given you the keys – questions or words used repeatedly. Did they ask about lead generation tactics and refer to specific software? Did they ask your metrics or state their sales volume? Was industry or product experience emphasized? Leverage the details in the questions they asked and ensure you revisit those.

Did you speak with the sales hiring manager? You must have talked role specifics and sales process…covered day to day job expectations and history of accomplishing these. Think on the question details and understand the purpose of each question. Did they want a hunter or hybrid salesperson? Someone motivated by money or challenges? Build the email content around those.

Seek clarity.

Thirty minute discussions go in many directions. The thank you email isn’t to “sell yourself,” it’s to clarify a fit – for both of you! If they want a money-motivated hunter and you’re a challenge-oriented hybrid, call it out. Most truly don’t know or you can’t tell so simply define who you are for them. Create a strong impression of someone who knows themselves and states it succinctly. Don’t come off as someone who “needs a job,” but, instead, convey that you “desire a fit.” Be positive in communication, “I’m an XX type of salesperson, which I believe you value and I loved your product because it fits me this way!” The goal isn’t just to get a job, but to also define a great career fit.

It’s about them, not you.

Ensure you articulate their product pitch, market position, growth strategy, and what they find unique about themselves. Even if you hate it, this is how the other person makes a living, so be positive as this person might be hiring at the exact place you want to work in two years. Making it about them sets up an amazing company “tell” if they don’t make you feel it’s about you – red flag!

Close with next steps.

It’s an indication how you sell, so don’t forget basic principles. Recap your interview discussion on next step expectations – timelines and expectations. Short, pointed, pleasant so it can be followed like paint-by-numbers.

It’s okay if you don’t get the job. Maybe it’s not a fit and they reserve the right to be wrong – 25% miss. If you still want it, trade professional notes and learnings to forge a deeper connection, and stay top of mind.

Invisume has created for you a sample “thank you email” template for after a sales interview. We hope to help you make Plan A work, but would always love to be your Plan B!

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Chad Porter is cofounder of Invisume (the for jobs). Prior to Invisume he founded 570 Insight (a strategic Sales and Marketing agency) and worked in sales at eBay.

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