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8 Compelling Reasons to Choose a Career in Sales
Blog / For Sales Pros / Dec 29, 2018 / Posted by Philip Piletic / 14966

8 Compelling Reasons to Choose a Career in Sales


Why should you consider choosing a career in sales? Let’s discuss 8 of the most compelling reasons a sales career could be the right choice for you.

1. High Earning Potential

Employers greatly value effective salespeople, and they compensate their sales staff accordingly. There are a few other roles that have the potential to consistently pay as well as sales. Many sales jobs are commission based, which means that you earn more if you sell more. Getting proficient at your job can result in extremely lucrative paychecks.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, manufacturing sales representatives in the United States earn median annual salaries of $60,340. Financial services sales agents earn median annual salaries of $63,780. Sales managers earn even higher salaries; the median for this group is $121,060 per year. In comparison, the median annual salary in the USA is $27,020.

2. A Strong Foundation for Career Growth

Sales ability is an asset no matter which career path you want to follow in the future. In just about any worthwhile job, you’ll need to be able to influence other people. Sales will help you perfect your abilities to speak clearly, sell your ideas to others, get along with many different personality types and overcome difficult challenges.

These are skills that could help you climb the ladder to qualify for better jobs in the future. Many people transition from sales to management after paying their dues to acquire the people skills required for achieving results.

3. A Degree Isn’t Necessary for Success

Looking for the best paying job that doesn’t require a bachelor’s degree? Sales jobs will most likely be some of your most attractive options. While there are some sales jobs that do require a degree, academic credentials aren’t typically necessary for success in sales. This makes sales an excellent career choice for people who need to begin working immediately after graduation from high school. It’s a great career for people who are not feeling ready to go into debt or take on a four-year academic commitment.

4. Excellent Future Job Outlook

Most businesses and industries need salespeople, which means that job opportunities in sales are abundant. By the year 2026, experts at the BLS are forecasting a 5 percent increase in available jobs for manufacturing sales representatives, a 6 percent increase in available jobs for financial services sales agents, and a 7 percent increase in available jobs for sales managers.

5. Find Work in Just About Any Industry

A career in sales is one of the most versatile choices you could make. Most products and services that are available for sale need a human salesperson to help sell them. If there’s a product or service that particularly interests you, you could probably get a job selling it. In fact, people who have experience in sales likely developed some highly desirable traits like great communication skills, persuasiveness, confidence and other things that fall under neuro-linguistic programming science. If you can use this to your advantage, there are very few employers that will be able to resist.

6. The Option for Flexible Work Hours

Many salespeople enjoy a satisfactory work-life balance. Some – not all — sales jobs offer you the opportunity to set your own hours or work on a schedule other than 9:00 – 5:00. If a flexible schedule is important to you, you can probably find a sales job that will give you that option. In that case, avoid retail sales, which requires you to be present in a store. Instead, choose a job selling on behalf of a manufacturer or wholesaler. In this sort of role, you’re more likely to be able to schedule your own appointments and enjoy a great deal of autonomy.

7. An Impressive Professional Network

Salespeople have the opportunity to interact with numerous people in a variety of roles, both within their own hiring organizations and at other companies. These interactions offer both incredible learning and networking opportunities.

More importantly, success in sales is highly dependent on relationship building. Your ability to sell is directly tied to your ability to help other people achieve goals that are important to them. If you’re able to do that, you will soon find that you’ve built a reliable network of people you genuinely care about – people who also care about your success.

8. Clearly Defined Sales Goals

Most sales managers are straightforward about setting sales goals for the people who work with them. It’s challenging to appreciate how wonderful this is unless you’ve worked in a job where goals were not defined, yet you were still expected to meet them – which is a chronic problem for people employed in creative roles like a graphic designer or web designer.

The sales goals may be hard ones. They might even seem impossible. But, at least they will not be a mystery. They will almost definitely be spelled out in black and white for you. You will not have to guess about what’s expected of you – which means that you can focus all your energies on meeting your goals.

If you’re ambitious and willing to work hard, a job in sales could be a stepping-stone to incredible wealth, an influential career and a satisfactory level of work-life balance. These aren’t the only reasons you might want to consider launching a career in sales, but they’re certainly some of the most enticing reasons so many people choose sales as their career path.

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