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6 Copywriting Tips to Boost Sales
Blog / For Sales Pros / Oct 3, 2018 / Posted by Christopher Mercer / 8774

6 Copywriting Tips to Boost Sales


Copywriting plays an important role in business development: one fantastic article can boost sales, and one bad post can ruin a reputation. There is no limit to perfection, so whether you are a business owner or a professional writer, you still need to keep learning something new about content creation. Let’s check the following copywriting tips, which will take your business to the next level.

Think like a customer

If you want to compose a great text, you should understand what your target audience would like to read. You should step into the customers’ shoes and learn the patterns of their shopping and browsing behavior.

What kind of information do they look for? What do they know about your product and your brand? There are so many questions, which you should answer, before writing the next blog post or product description.

Pat Fredshaw, content manager at Essay Assistant, says: “You should find out what topics are the most interesting for your customers. After that, you will be able to create content, which will not leave the target audience indifferent.”

Tell a story

People adore reading fascinating stories, so feel free to incorporate storytelling into your content strategy. You can share some interesting facts about your company, brand or product. Fantastic tales can improve a brand image, so you should try your best to write it right.

Moreover, you can compose a story about an employee, who contributed to the company’s success. Or you can tell about the clients, who changed their lives or succeed in the business world, using your products and services. “A story with an extraordinary protagonist, a twisted plot, and a happy end works much better than any standard text” – explains Natalie Andersen, CEO of GetGoodGrade.

Polish every sentence

Copywriting is an art and you should work hard to craft a real masterpiece. Every word in every sentence should have a specific value; otherwise, you shouldn’t use it at all. If you see that a particular phrase doesn’t play an important role in your text, you should better rewrite it or delete it.

Like there is not a superfluous stroke in paintings created by Oscar-Claude Monet, there is not an unnecessary word in a good article. Modern people don’t like to read the long texts; they prefer short, yet relevant and informative content.
Don’t worry, this task is not as challenging as it seems. You can always get professional assistance from the writing services like FlashEssay or freelance platforms like Upwork.

Proofread twice

Some copywriters try to be as creative as possible and put all their efforts into crafting original content. Sometimes they are too passionate about the writing, so they forget about the grammar rules existence.

However, it’s still very important to proofread every sentence and make sure that you haven’t made any typos or spelling mistakes. When an article or product description is full of errors, its unlikely will boost sales.

If you are one of those individuals, who adore writing, but hate proofreading, you can delegate this task to professionals. You can utilize online resources like Grammarly to check every text automatically. If you don’t trust machines, you can get assistance from the companies like SupremeDissertations, where a real employee will work on your article improvement.

Add humor

Users get bored of the texts, which are full of facts, dates, and incomprehensible terms. They want to read an article, which will make them smile. It doesn’t mean that you should put a joke in every paragraph; you should simply add some positive notes.

Daniela McVicker, the editor for RatedbyStudents, states: “If you have a great sense of humor, feel free to make your texts funny. If you want to boost sales, you should evoke positive emotions toward your brand and products.” However, if you stick to formal communication with your target audience, then the use of jokes is inappropriate.

Translate your content

If you want to get more profit, you should enter new overseas markets. “It’s not that hard in the information age, because you can reach your target audience online wherever it’s located. The only thing you should do is to translate your content” – says Ethan Dunwill, social media marketer for HotEssayService.

If you are not fluent in a chosen foreign language, you need some help from a professional translator. You can check IsAccurate, if you want to find a translation firm, or visit PeoplePerHour, if you want to cooperate with a talented freelance interpreter.

In conclusion

The value of high-quality content for a modern business is hard to overestimate. So, you should try your best to compose a blog post: be honest with your target audience, provide relevant fascinating information, and don’t use cliché phrases. There is no room for a doubt that your efforts will be rewarded with high engagement and increased sales.

About Author

Christopher Mercer is a freelance content writer and founder of Citatior, a citation generator for students and education professionals.


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