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5 Best SaaS Tools for Sales Professionals
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5 Best SaaS Tools for Sales Professionals

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When it comes to delivering personalized customer experiences, companies need to integrate different platforms and technologies based on user data. The result is a powerful multifunctional software.

Our lifestyles have changed, and technology has evolved, making our day-to-day lives easier. Sales professionals need to have useful tools at their fingertips to enable them to access customer data by implementing real-time cloud solutions. In this way, leads, sales, and revenue will all increase, and at the same time, consumers will be satisfied that their expectations have been met.

What are the best SaaS tools to help you achieve this?

1.Maptive for geoanalysis and sales territory management

Sales Mapping Software is a business solution that integrates sales data with geolocation. Maptive is one of the best options for visualizing potential customers and mapping territories to ensure that sales reps can work as productively and efficiently as possible.

The best routes can be devised, thus making the best use of time. This mapping software will enable you to build maps based on the information generated and analyze the situation in order to optimize your decision-making.

2.Salesforce for CRM

Salesforce CRM is equipped with a set of business strategies, tools, and technologies that focus on customer relationships. Customer Relationship Management is about more than just a platform; it’s the process used by all types of businesses to manage and analyze customer interactions in the most efficient way possible. The Salesforce NPS Surveys help you measure your customer satisfaction and loyalty.

This means you can anticipate needs and desires, personalizing customer acquisition campaigns in order to attract new customers and boost sales.

3.Hubspot for content and email marketing

Hubspot gives you the tools you need to personalize and optimize marketing emails, without the need for any specialized IT knowledge or expert help.

Email subscribers are real people and should be treated as such. This understanding is what’s behind the creation of Hubspot, which aims to fine-tune interactions by automatically generating personalized emails for each recipient.

4.Tableau for data analysis and BI

With Tableau, you can easily explore and manage your customer data and share information quickly in order to generate positive change in your company. Recently acquired by Salesforce, Tableau is a secure, powerful, pt and flexible platform that has become a comprehensive BI and analytics tool. Get a Tableau Certification.

It allows you to obtain simple visual analyses that can be adapted to all sorts of people and is available for a wide range of functions. Furthermore, the design is really user-friendly and it’s easy to make sure you get maximum benefit.

5. Intercom for live chat

Intercom is live chat software that’s particularly suitable for the sales and communication department. The idea is to provide a live chat service for visitors to your website, with the aim of converting them into customers.

Intercom can be used as a marketing tool, but its primary purpose is to connect with users and provide them with the support they need so that they will ultimately become customers.

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