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4 Tips for Writing Sales Copy that Converts
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4 Tips for Writing Sales Copy that Converts


Copywriting is among the most underestimated professions out there, and there’s no secret that the significance of a well-crafted web copy is severely underestimated as well. It takes lots of insight to write a copy that will be enticing to the readers but will also contain a strong call to action, which will motivate them to use your products.

So if you feel like your site isn’t doing any justice to the quality of your product/service and you’re not getting any conversions or way less than you’re expecting, take a peek at the tips below to improve your copy and increase your conversions. By applying at least two, you’ll most certainly see a positive result.

Understand your audience and create a persona

No product is perfect for everyone, this is why it’s essential to properly define your niche and understand who your target customer is. Once you do that try tailoring a copy that is suitable for your audience. Let’s say you provide search engine optimization services. By understanding what your clients need, you can estimate their occupation and their needs.

Ask yourself a few important questions that will help you calibrate a more precise image of your end client.

  • What are three traits that most of your customers share?
  • Who isn’t your end customer?
  • What are the benefits that your main customers will extract from your service/product?

Once you’ll have a straight answer to each of these questions, you’ll be able to get an idea of your end user. Take this information and adapt the copy to better suit your clients.

“Understanding the interests and problems of your clientele will let you “design” a voice and a tone that they will find appealing.” — Amanda Sparks, editor at TopDownWriter.

Concentrate on the issues the product solves

The features of a product are definitely essential. Customers need to know the technical specs of what they’re about to buy. However, people make purchases in order to solve problems, some internal, some external. That is to say that every purchase has a purpose, focus on it.

  • Elaborate on the issues that your customers are confronted with

Try to make a description of your customers’ pain points. It’s essential that you gain as much insight into their problems as possible. Use your customers’ pain points to leverage the right triggers for your site copy.

  • Stress on your differences

Emphasize the main reasons why your solutions are better compared to other products’ on the market. One of the critical aspects of a strong sales copy is to convey that your product/service is superior to your competitors’, without actually saying it directly.

  • Use very clear headers

Help your potential customers digest the sales copy better. Don’t just throw a wall of text on your product page. Make it easy to skim. Use relevant headlines to guide the reader through the copy, so that they can read more about the issues they care more about.

Overcome objections before they arise

Any investment comes with a sort of internal quality control process in the customer’s mind. We always want to make sure that we’ve made the right purchase and we didn’t just waste our money on a useless product.

“Try to answer all of the quality control objections a customer might have before they arise. Respond to the most common concerns your customers might have. Provide them with an intelligible explanation to why your service is suitable for them specifically.”— James Daily, a contributor at TimeDoctor.

Word your rebuttals properly

  • “Your services are a tad pricey”

It’s essential that you build your price-related rebuttals around the financial value your services can provide. Let’s return to the example of search engine optimization services. You run a small agency, which provides demonstrably awesome services by slightly more expensive than your competition. Focus on how much financial benefit your services can offer. Although it’s a $1000 investment on the company’s behalf, they’ll be able to extract much bigger profit once you’ve optimized their site and campaigns.

  • “Why would I use your service when “BLANK” provides them considerably cheaper?”

You are a business owner that is passionate about the craft. It only makes sense that you carefully select the people you hire. The people that work in your company represent your company. It’s always a great idea to showcase the qualities and the achievements of your employees so that a potential customer is certain that they are making an investment that will have a high return.

Ask a professional

There’s a lot of professional jargon and terminology that little people understand, except for your competition. SERP, off-page optimization, anchors, black hat, deep linking, and all that jazz. Well, a professional writer can transform these words into meaningful and intelligible chunks of information that will motivate your potential customers to use your services.

“A good copy isn’t just about grammar or punctuation. It’s more about creating text that is empathic to your customer. A text that understands their needs, their mood, and their mentality. It’s a type of text that speaks their language and identifies with their frustrations,” says Josh Andersen, CCO at GetGoodGrade.


Not everyone is a great singer or a painter. Similarly, not everyone handles writing perfectly. Search for a professional who understands your product and your potential customers. Look for niche writers on sites that collect testimonials like, TopAustraliaWriters, Canada-Writers, and other sites that find reviews on niche writers around the world.


A sales copy is often the only thing that separates you from earning more. It’s mostly about what motivates your customers to act. You’ll find that out by continuously testing your copy.

Just make sure find out who your audience is, then try speaking their language. Build your copy around the problems your product solves, and then answer your customers’ rebuttals before they even arise.

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