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12 Artificial Intelligence Tools Transforming the Sales World
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12 Artificial Intelligence Tools Transforming the Sales World


Artificial intelligence is steadily spreading to all fields where handling enormous amounts of data is a must. In the sales world, it contributes to both smart automatization and largely increased forecasting and analytical capabilities. Making some processes automatic enables human workers to perform more meaningful, important, and creative tasks that would otherwise receive only a fraction of attention. AI also allows salespeople to identify sales behaviors, analyze customer data, suggest actions and pricings to close more deals, and predict the results of various decisions.

Below is a brief description of 12 AI tools that are transformative to sales and to the business world in general. For more information, you can go to this blog and explore the world of AI!


Einstein is the artificial intelligence solution provided by Salesforce. It is integrated into the platform in various ways to aid companies in their interaction with customers. Einstein analyzes customer data and assesses which deals are most likely to close. It also delivers feedback to sales reps on which leads have the highest priority.


Drift is the software focused on providing AI-powered chatbots. It’s a platform that targets the sales and marketing worlds, centering around conversations with customers. Drift enables salespeople to incorporate adaptable chatbots on their sites, improving the quality and speed of communication across chat and email. Drift uses artificial intelligence to analyze previous conversations with clients and answer questions more accurately and in a more human- and user-friendly manner.


Conversica offers virtual assistants to salespeople and businesses. These AI-powered chatbots can determine customers’ interest, engage demand, and potentially even win back former customers. The assistants are trained to communicate promptly and smoothly. By continuous learning, the chatbots are constantly improving their ability to be professional and persistent, pinpointing leads that can result in increased revenue and transferring the communication with them to human employees.


Xtensio is a great platform for teams to create, share and manage all the business-related documents. Whether it is a startup looking for an interactive toolbox, an agency who wants to create impressive deliverables, or a sales team who wants to close the sales faster, businesses of any size can use Xtensio to streamline the workflow. You can edit and share any way you need and work collaboratively. is a tool created by a San Francisco and Tel Aviv team to enable salespeople to better analyze conversations with customers. Chorus “listens” to recorded sales calls and provides insights that can help increase quota attainment and improve the productivity of sales representatives. The AI can also be helpful in employee training and reduce the ramp-up time for new hires.


Among all solutions for AI-powered chatbots, Exceed may lead the way, simply because it offers a more complex and multifaceted system. In addition to traditional website chatbots, Exceed supplies email engagement assistance and an automated tool to schedule meetings. The AI is capable of handling a conversation to acquire new leads, analyze customers’ intent, and follow up with the leads. Exceed can also schedule meetings with the most prospective leads without help from a human salesperson.


Kiite is a platform to increase employees’ productivity and competence. It helps sales teams to create, organize, and use playbooks in the most efficient manner. The AI uses natural language processing to search for and interconnect relevant content from the Kiite app and each company’s internal system. The AI allows managers to train employees more successfully and identify the most knowledgeable team members.

Crystal Knows

Crystal uses artificial intelligence to search for the information on people that a sales rep comes in contact with. The solution composes personality profiles by pulling the relevant data from Salesforce, LinkedIn, and other resources. Crystal also provides email templates, tailored to each specific personality depending on who the recipient is.

Clara Labs

Clara is an AI that schedules meetings automatically. It is primarily used to arrange meetings between recruiters or interviewers and prospective new employees. The solution focuses on email. It leads a simple conversation, asking questions to schedule a date, time, and place convenient for both parties.


Node is a platform that recommends new potential customers to salespeople. The product relies on machine learning and natural language processing to create and improve its recommendations.


Seismic is a system that analyzes the content generated by a company and provides insights on what impact it makes on the company’s customers. The tool can be used to assess what the primary sources of revenue are and how the company’s content and activity can be optimized. is a service that focuses on making interactions with the software of various companies more easy and pleasant for the employees. The AI can be integrated into the required system. It provides a conversational platform that a user can control by voice or texting. By making the process more human-friendly, enables people to spend more time focusing on their work rather than wasting it operating bulky enterprise systems.


Highspot focuses on providing feedback regarding the effectiveness of a company’s sales strategies. The AI analyzes datasheets, presentations, brochures, case studies, conversations with customers, and other materials to extract precise outcomes of the application of each item. Highspot then creates recommendations on how to optimize and improve the selling process.

Also, the Highspot provides various tools that enable sellers to visualize how customers interact with the company’s platform. Interactive sales plays and reconstructed experiences can also empower employee training.

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