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Sales and Marketing for Local Businesses (video)


In this Expert Insight Interview, Laura Nelson discusses sales and marketing for local businesses. Laura Nelson is the VP of Marketing at Signpost and a local business advocate.

This Expert Insight Interview discusses:

  • The marketing options for small businesses
  • Why metrics tracking and measuring is crucial for success
  • Offline marketing methods for local businesses


If you have a small or local business, there are so many options for marketing — from traditional to digital — that it can be completely overwhelming. So how do you decide as a local business what the best marketing approach is?

Many local business owners have limited budgets, so they can’t just invest in everything and see what sticks. There are many choices, so what Laura recommends for all local businesses is to invest in foundational things first. This includes optimizing your Google Business profile to reflect your business online accurately. It is incredible how many companies still don’t utilize Google Business and other similar tools, which always seem to be an afterthought.


Beyond the basics, there are many ways that you can go, including software programs and lead generation strategies, both online and offline, in your community. What is vital for any local business owner is to make sure that they keep track of what they do.

The marketing activities required for success will be different across industries and communities. You can’t improve on anything unless you measure it first, and getting dialed in requires experimentation and refinement.

Traditional Methods

Although we’re bombarded with digital marketing, traditional offline methods should still be a part of any local business’s marketing efforts. If you’re a business that does work in the field, and you have a fleet of vehicles or even just one car, you have an opportunity to brand yourself and get your business’s name out around town.

A simple way to do this is through an effectively designed truck wrap. Moreover, you could use a leaflet distribution service to reach your local audience and drive growth. It’ll enable you to stay ahead with tangible solutions. Other methods include building a referral program. Referrals as a concept are not going away, and if you make it easy for your happy customers to refer you to their friends and give them some perks, they’ll be glad to pass along the message.

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