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Craft A Sales Email That Boost Conversion Rate
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Craft A Sales Email That Boost Conversion Rate


Every business wants their products to get noticed when they send an email to their prospects. But they hardly received few clicks. Most of them ignore the emails while others skim through the content and only a few in the list reach the CTA button to know about the product.

If your emails are landing in your customer’s inbox, then what is making them neglect the emails?

What are the factors that are resisting your customers to open the email and respond?

These questions are on top of the mind when your sales email revert with low response.

It may be because of the unattractive subject line, lack of conversational tone, or missing details of the product.

You might be wrong at any point in writing the sales email, and you need to review the writing and sending of your email.

While you review, here are the top five tips you shouldn’t miss when you craft your emails.

1.   Work on the Subject Line

A flawless email body can go unnoticed without the attention-grabbing subject line. The subject line is like the cherry on the cake, it persuades the readers to go through the email and see what you’re offering.

Personalize your subject line by adding the company name or the product name. Add words like, ‘Reasons to Invest,’ ‘How your Product Helped the Customers,’ ‘Why Should you Invest in this Product.’

If you’re letting people think through your subject line, you’re enticing them to read your email. So, a thought-provoking subject line is a must to start with a killer sales email.

2.   Body Paragraph 1 – Interact

People are fed up of reading: ‘I hope you’re doing great,’ ‘This is to inform you’ and ‘I’m here to tell you.’

Think of the email that last landed in your inbox and compels you to read. Think about how professionals connect on LinkedIn and think what makes you read in an email.

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. If they’re receiving hundreds of emails every day, why should they open yours?

Start with a warm greeting and if possible, mention their names when you start. Interacting with them will help to develop their interest and curiosity to learn more.

3.   Body Paragraph 2 – Write with Value

This is your main body; it should have a value in it. Write with a conversational tone instead of being generic like; ‘We help content marketers,’ ‘Our products have gained reputation’ or ‘We build products.’

It’s not about ‘We’ or ‘I’ It’s about the customers. So, focus on the best features of your product and how it had helped the customers in reducing the routine life hassles.

Customers trust real-life examples. Add them to appear real, address their pain points, and offer solutions tailored to them.

4.   Ask them to Respond

Customers have reached till the body, but you want them to read till the end, Right?

Give them a clear path by adding a call to action. Once they are convinced to learn your product; they look for the call to action button to reach your website where they can collate more details and resolve their queries.

Closeout strong and ask them to respond by calling your support team and getting in touch with the immediate person.

5.   End Email with the Winning Signature

Now, when your customer is done with the reading, end it with a professional signature. Don’t overwhelm your signature by adding all your social media profiles, contact details, company’s slogan, and a heavy image.

Include contact number, website, LinkedIn account, or skype id if there’s the need. Remember the signature should sleek and professional.

Some Additional Tips

  • Sound confident while you write instead of being negative and weak.
  • Don’t forget to take follow-ups on your email.
  • Try to talk to people while you write instead of telling them.
  • Always focus on ‘YOU’ instead of ‘I’

Summing it Up

Email Marketing is one of the most engaging ways of generating leads and is considered a great form of communication. When you’re reaching people’s inbox, make sure every word you craft leaves an impact on them.

In other words, it’s the best opportunity to connect with your audience only if you stay creative, conversational, and focus on them.

I hope by now, you are ready to craft an excellent sales email that increases conversion rates. If you’re looking to skyrocket the conversion rates and need examples to write an email, pour in your comments, and I’ll get back to you shortly.

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