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In Sales and In Life, Faith and Trust Triumph over Fear and Anxiety
Blog / Sales Management / Mar 9, 2016 / Posted by Eileen Sinett / 6333

In Sales and In Life, Faith and Trust Triumph over Fear and Anxiety

As a seasoned entrepreneur of over 30 years, I’ve had my ups and downs – especially when it comes to sales and income. I’ve been successful at closing, but as the talent of my sole proprietorship, resented and avoided prospecting. As a result, my sales graph would look very much like the cardiogram of a heart with palpitations en route to cardiac arrest: spikes, dips and the eventual flat,……….Beep………….beep…………….beep……………………….…… bee……..……….p.

I don’t know how to best explain this to you so you “get” this message deeply into your soul, so you can integrate what I have to say at the core of your being, (you know what I mean–when all your cells align with a message and it becomes your true operating system–natural, without thought). But I’ll give it a try. And so it goes:

How you feel, think and believe will change the course of your goals. Now, if you’re anything like me, with early remnants of cynicism and an “I know it all” attitude, you may be guffawing at the simplicity of this message. I know that one – I played in that sandbox for a long time.

But a few months ago, my Yes-But loop that whined from fear and anxiety, complaining about no activity for the first quarter, that business would tank, that I’d be unable to pay my taxes and mortgage and everything else….Stopped! That worried inner voice simply just stopped! Instead, in my head, I heard the voice of a dear friend saying: You’ve been here before, Eileen. For 30 years, you’ve been up and down. You’ve always come through this – something always shows up. Just trust.

Now I’ve heard this friend’s voice in my head many times before and the message never stuck. So, why did I embrace these words this time around? Did I become tired of hearing myself, hearing my fearful pattern of thinking: frustration > fear > failure? Somehow, I just let go, let go of my very fossilized, anxiety-based story.

Let me assure you that I did not change any business strategy, purchase new software or engage any consultants. I continued to avoid direct sales, knowing historically, that my business thrived because of introductions made by trusted clients and colleagues. Yes, the business was quiet, but instead of freaking out, I continued to do what I do best, creating visions and servicing professionals with excellence. I even took what I perceived as a huge risk, offering services for barter to a keynote speaker for his presentation before an audience of 1000.

Surprisingly, it was accepted, embraced and valued. I networked the gala, met some people, handed them business cards, followed up with an email, and received one RFP. Voila – I’m back in the game!

This “shift,” this attitudinal-belief shift towards trust versus fear, has become the silent driver of new business and living. Though we’re only in the middle of 2016’s first quarter, I have acquired three new individual clients, one new non-profit organization, and three public speaking opportunities!

Yes, I’m seeing my business cardiogram changing…. showing more steady and increasing spikes and much fewer dips. It’s been a long, learning journey, but I know from the core of who I am, that faith and trust (even of the unknown) triumph over fear and worry – big time! So, keep the faith, persevere and reap your rewards!

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Eileen Sinett is a communication and presentation author, consultant, and coach. She specializes in working with multilingual professionals and knowledge experts to promote communication confidence and clarity for presentations, business discussion, and business-social conversation.

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