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Managing a Social Selling Team – Infographic
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Managing a Social Selling Team – Infographic


Social selling has revolutionized the sales world, which has created the necessity of managing a social selling team. In recent years, using social media and other similar platforms to sell has taken off, and it has been difficult to keep up with the trends, especially for sales managers who are already juggling a lot of other responsibilities. Most social selling information is dedicated to helping the salesperson. While this information is necessary and very needed, it can be neglecting of the sales managers.

That’s why John Golden of SalesPOP! and Matt McDarby of USR teamed up to bring you 9 powerful tips and practical advice to ensure that social selling is adopted and managed in the right ways.

Managing a Social Selling Team - Infographic

  1. The sales manager is the greatest revenue multiplier in a sales organization: If the sales manager doesn’t understand social selling, the sales team will struggle to understand it as well.
  2. The sales manager as an agent of social change: The sales manager can introduce the topic and have a hands-on approach to create social change
  3. Use social profiles as a branding opportunity: Customers will be looking at your social media to understand your company and your brand.
  4. Writing too much is the new talking too much: Communicate in brief, yet meaningful statements.
  5. Likes and shares don’t pay the bills: Likes and shares don’t pay the bills, but sales do!
  6. Measuring success: Measure your success, but not at the cost of strategic growth goals.
  7. Patience: Research, listen, and help your prospects with patience and care
  8. Always focus on the buyer: As a sales manager, it’s important to focus on the buyer first
  9. Create a “social sales management action plan”: Don’t go into something new without a game plan!

SalesPOP! has tons of information created specifically for sales managers. We also have an entire audiobook dedicated to the topic of social selling for sales managers.

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