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How to Use Zapier to Speed up Your Sales Process
Blog / Sales Management / Nov 15, 2013 / Posted by Richard Young / 4660

How to Use Zapier to Speed up Your Sales Process

One important reason to invest in a CRM system, is to increase the efficiency of your sales process.

As you know, with the right CRM, you can manage your contacts, track prospects as they move through your pipeline and access analytics and management tools to plug leaks and drive sales.

What’s more, because most modern CRMs are cloud-based, you can work on the go because your data is readily available via the internet.

But do you sometimes get a little frustrated that your CRM can’t talk with some of your other online tools? After all, it’s highly inefficient re-entering contact details and other customer information – especially if you have it to hand in another format (such as a web form).

Now in the past you may have considered hiring a developer to create a bespoke fix – but more likely, because of the costs, you probably just put up with the inconvenience.

But with the arrival of Zapier, you no longer need to compromise.

Let me explain…

Zapier is an innovative tool that makes syncing data between different online services super-easy. In short, it allows some of your favourite apps and software solutions to work together.

And the good news is, Zapier now works with Pipeliner CRM:

Zapier lets you automate tasks between Pipeliner and other online services

As you know, information about potential leads can be collected in a variety of formats – Eventbrite registrations, social media interactions and Shopify purchases to name but a few.

And if you want to effectively manage your sales process, you need to input these details into your CRM. However, because of the inevitable time delay, there’s always the risk sales opportunities could get missed. That’s because:

  • Data entry takes time
  • You could forget
  • You may make assumptions about a lead and decide not to waste time entering it

Whatever your reason, there’s a strong possibility important data may be overlooked – and in turn, leads won’t get nurtured and valuable sales opportunities could be lost.

Zapier saves you time AND feeds leads directly into your sales pipeline

Zapier removes these barriers and helps ensure every online lead gets entered onto Pipeliner – regardless of the source it originates from.

That’s because Zapier can instruct other online services to work harmoniously with Pipeliner.

Here’s how…

With Zapier you create “Zaps” – a Zap is a task you want to happen automatically.

A Zap has two elements – a “trigger” and an “action”. Once you’ve set up a Zap, every time the trigger occurs, Zapier will automatically initiate your specified action. For example, you could specify “When I receive an enquiry on my WordPress contact form, create a new lead in Pipeliner.” And best of all, you don’t need any technical know-how to get it working.

And here’s what happens. Instead of re-entering data, once a zap has been set, it all happens automatically. In turn, you get to free up time and focus on what you do best – generating leads and nurturing sales.

Here are some further examples to show you how you could use Zapier with Pipeliner.

  1. Shopify purchases create a new customer
  2. GoToWebinar registrants become a new lead
  3. EventBrite registrants are automatically shown as attending
  4. Subscribers to your blog become a new opportunity
  5. Tweets automatically show up in your Pipeliner feed etc.

What’s more, Zapier doesn’t only sync with Pipeliner. It can also automate tasks between a whole host of your other online services including Gmail, Google Docs, Trello, Evernote, MailChimp, Dropbox, Twitter and GoToWebinar to name just a few. To explore the possibilities, click here.

Start using Zapier with Pipeliner for FREE

To get your favourite online services working seamlessly with Pipeliner, simply sign up for a free Zapier account.

You’ll discover there are four different pricing levels, each offering a varying number of zapped tasks per month. Plus, if you’re a very small user (up to 100 tasks and five zaps per month), your account will always be free.

So if you’re keen to save time, stop unnecessary data entry and automate some of the admin needed to manage your Pipeliner account, get your free trial of Pipeliner CRM now.

What did you discover?

We think Zapier is very cool, but what do you think? What zaps do you think will be most useful for your business? Please let us know in the comments below.

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