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How Should I Be Tracking Employee Progress?
Blog / Sales Management / Dec 9, 2020 / Posted by Jocelyne Nayet / 1712

How Should I Be Tracking Employee Progress?


To ensure that your business is on track towards your targets, you need to measure progress. Not only should you track your financial, sales, and production data to track the progress of your company, but you need to track employee progress too. Your team are the heart of your business. It’s crucial that you ensure that they are productive in their work and that they are progressing in their role in the company.

Tracking employee progress begins with measuring how productive your employees are with the hours that they are clocking. Timesheet software for UK businesses is a highly effective way of tracking your employees’ hours accurately so you know exactly what hours they are working and breaks taken. With this data, you will be better able to determine how your team is progressing over time. However, there is a range of other methods you can use to accurately track employee progress in your business to ensure the future of your business is in safe hands with your team.

Let’s take a look at a few ways that you can track employee progress in your business.

Set Clear Goals For Your Team

 One of the primary reasons that teams underperform is they don’t fully understand what is expected of them. It’s crucial that you set clear objectives for each of your employees from the very beginning so they know what they should be doing.  The goals you set should be measurable so that you can track how each individual employee is performing. Measurable goals can also help your team to benchmark their own output and encourage them to improve over time.

Continuous Employee Development

 If you want your team to improve and progress in their roles, you need to ensure that you provide them with the necessary training to do so. Regular ongoing coaching will help to give your team the confidence they need to succeed in their roles. Whether it’s group training sessions or individual coaching, more knowledge will empower your employees and motivate them to work to the very best of their abilities.

Consistent Feedback

Employees enjoy getting feedback that helps them to build on their strengths and improve their weaknesses. Providing feedback to your employees on a consistent basis will allow you to see if your team members are advancing in their roles. Quarterly or annual performance evaluations are certainly important but why wait until then to encourage and motivate your team? When you are in contact with your team on a daily basis, you should use this opportunity to provide regular feedback to your team to help them to improve their performance.

Recognize And Reward Your Team

While promotions and bonuses are highly effective in motivating employees, you don’t always need to make such a big gesture to motivate your employees. When you’re tracking employee progress, you should let your employees know when they are performing and progressing well in the company. Positive feedback is important. A short private message, a post on the company business bulletin board or a mention on social media when one of your team excels are great ways to show your appreciation. Recognizing the achievements of your employees is just as important as providing constructive criticism when you are monitoring the progress of your employees. There are a number of employee rewards and recognition platforms to choose from.

Track Employee Progress Efficiently Going Forward

Taking the right approach to tracking employee performance is crucial. Following the tips outlined above, you can track your team’s progress more efficiently going forward. With a better understanding of how your employees are performing, you will be able to plan for the future of your business with more confidence and look forward to more success moving forward.

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