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How To Conduct A Killer Follow-Up
Blog / Sales Management / Jul 22, 2016 / Posted by Ali Mirza / 6991

How To Conduct A Killer Follow-Up

A proper follow-up can make or break a sale. It is also highly underestimated in its effectiveness. Without proper follow-up, many sales die. Rookie salespeople make the mistake of assuming that their job is done after the sales call when in reality that’s when the real job begins. An effective follow-up takes planning and tenacity.  In fact, it’s so important that only 2% of sales are made on the first contact. A whopping 48% of salespeople never follow-up with a prospect! Could this be why 80% of sales are made by 8% of salespeople?

Let’s discuss some techniques for a killer follow-up plan.

  1. Always set a plan for follow up – don’t leave the initial meeting without a meeting set or clearly defined next steps. Plan for another phone call or in person meeting. This will help secure things and maintain accountability between both parties.
  2. Reiterate the value you bring to the table. – Don’t let them forget what it is you have to offer and what you’re going to do for their company. Reinforce the value proposition as it relates to their need.
  3. Offer free value as a follow-up – After initial follow up- send them a quick piece of advice personalized to their business. It sends the impression that you are actively thinking and engaging in bettering their business.  For example “Hey I was checking out your website and I noticed _____” Or, “I was speaking to ______ and I wanted to introduce you because _____”
  4. Connect on Linkedin – This small gesture can go a long way.
  5. Don’t be pushy – Nobody wants to do business with the pushy greedy salesperson. Following up doesn’t look pushy as long as its done in the right manner and systematically.
  6. Close The Deal – Now that you have established proper follow-up, you should be primed and ready to seal the deal!

Source * National Sales Executive Association

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Ali is the founder and president of Rose Garden Consulting, a contemporary sales process firm, Co-Founder of WMC, a beta stage SaaS platform, Advisor at Bax, Mentor at ATDC, Host of For The Close Podcast and an Adjunct Professor at General Assembly. Ali is a renowned speaker and an author, his first co-author book with Aaron Ross: Predictable Closing.

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