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Building a Battle-Ready Sales Force [New! Pipeliner CRM eBook]
Blog / Sales Management / Oct 8, 2014 / Posted by Alyson Stone / 4837

Building a Battle-Ready Sales Force [New! Pipeliner CRM eBook]

Our CEO, Nikolaus Kimla, has written a guide for sales managers — advice as they set about the job of creating efficient and competent sales teams. In this endeavor, Nikolaus takes the position that your sales environment is similar to a war room, with ¬†salespeople the troops and sales process your battle plan.

Running a sales force is like leading a (hopefully not physical) war against your competitors. The prize is new prospects, new customers, sales, customer retention, and market share.

As a sales manager, your troops are your salespeople. You want those troops to be as battle-worthy as possible. You need a sales strategy for your fighting force.

In this ebook, you learn about:

  • Finding a talented fighting sales force
  • How to train, coach, and mentor your sales reps
  • Creating an efficient sales process, the heart of your battle plan
  • How to align sales and marketing
  • How today‚Äôs forward-thinking sales techniques build on tried-and-true skills in a new sales ecosystem
  • The sales management and leadership skills that will enable success
  • Using metrics and setting expectations
  • The changing role of the entrepreneur in global business

Download this useful ebook in the Pipeliner CRM Sales Reference Library and learn how to execute your sales strategy with military precision. There are several other books by Nikolaus available free for download as part of our ongoing commitment to educating sales professionals:


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