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Prospecting With No Budget? Build Relationships
Off the Cuff / Prospecting / Dec 14, 2017 / Posted by Philip Piletic / 5065

Prospecting With No Budget? Build Relationships


Off the Cuff Instant Interview Question: What one piece of advice could you offer salespeople who work for newer companies and must prospect with little to no budget?

If you’re just starting out, I would focus on building relationships, first and foremost. At least for a moment, drop the whole “buy buy buy” mentality and actually listen to your customers. Oftentimes, the best salesperson is the customer themselves, so let them talk. If you ask the right questions, not only will you learn more about them, you’ll likely make them convince themselves that your product is the answer they’re looking for.

Another reason is the fact that majority of your commissions will come from a small number of your clients. It’s imperative that you maintain and nurture the relationships you have with them, and the best time to do that is from the very start. A solid base of regular customers who are happy with your product and believe in your company will be the launching pad that will turn you from a startup to an established business.

Basically: approach every customer as a potential new best friend, and sales will follow.

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