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Are You Wasting Time with Micromarketing?
Blog / Prospecting / Apr 11, 2019 / Posted by Elinor Stutz / 4758

Are You Wasting Time with Micromarketing?


There are always two sides to a story, and today’s is about the worthiness of micromarketing. Some say it is a complete waste of time to make room for extra niceties while others applaud the effort. In the competitive sales environment, I found most salespeople focused only on the quick hit sales to ensure making quota.

“Habitually considering all sides to an argument improves negotiation skills.

It’s best to review past setbacks and advances to see if it may be time to change your answer about micromarketing wasting time. First, come to terms with the satisfaction level of your advancement versus the need to make adjustments.

Give thought to: “What are you trying to accomplish?”

Was I Wasting Time by Micromarketing?

Laughter always came my way when others noticed I would spend extra time, and sometimes money, on the following:

• Research before a meeting to learn as much as possible
• Send a thank you note after each appointment and to each attendee
• Enter into the CRM database the agreed upon dates and times for follow-up, and do so with precision
• Offer to take the clients I enjoyed most out to lunch
• Provide a gift basket of delicacies as a thank you for larger teams involved with the sale

Comparing results is the telltale sign of whether the right effort is in process. Most of the people on the different sales teams failed to make quota. For those refusing to consider another approach, the revolving door syndrome was always in motion.

Our communication style gives away our secrets. The quick approach focusing merely on numbers rather than people encountered gave way to the following:

• Prospects realizing that only the money matters, but they don’t
• A continual loss of sales and failure to meet the sales quota
• The need to seek new work

Improving Results with Micromarketing

The SPIN Selling concept applies to the dilemma of whether micromarketing is a waste of time. Examine your current situation and if sales are steady or are you struggling to keep your job? Should you be anxious, come to terms with the ‘why.’ Next, list all the possible reasons as to the implied problems leading up to your why. Finally, come to an accurate realization of your needs.

Now you are ready to create a new plan of action. Reconsider whether micromarketing is a waste of time.

The benefits I derived from my clientele:

1. I enjoyed our engaging conversations
2. The thank you notes were saved on the clients’ desks for months
3. Order taking became the new norm for my sales funnel
4. I never had to worry about quota
5. Last, I found the sales process to be fun!

A side benefit of doing well by putting clients first is the extra benefits that come later. Some companies offer recognition in the form of bonuses and a President’s Club trip at year-end. And if you are on a base salary, a job well-done gives more reason for a base salary raise to be in serious consideration.

The affirmations of a job done well get a quick notice on your resume and will catch the eye of recruiters should you decide to advance your career. And the likelihood of getting hired increases with an intriguing story to share.

The most crucial question is, are you enjoying the sales process? It just might be time for you to reconsider whether it is a waste of time to implement the micromarketing strategy.

P.S. Many of my field stories centering on micromarketing are featured in my book, Nice Girls DO Get the Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results, published by Sourcebooks, is an International Best-Seller. Only men refused to buy into it when it was released 13 years ago.

Time reveals all. Thirteen years later, the information is evergreen, men are beginning to buy into building relationships, and the best is always last. Almost all the copies sold out, and the book is undergoing a second printing. Please give micromarketing due consideration and thought about the book.

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