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7 Sales Prospecting Tips You Wished Your Sales Team Knew Earlier
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7 Sales Prospecting Tips You Wished Your Sales Team Knew Earlier


Believe it or not, generating highly-qualified leads is a challenging task for nearly every business. Though, the marketing department plays a key role in generating good leads for the sales department. It doesn’t mean that the sales team should not invest their efforts to find high-value prospects.

Salespersons are always looking for some innovative ways for sales prospecting. They should try hard to find some creative prospecting techniques to bring more potential customers, clients, and buyers to increase revenue. The sales team is advised to prospect efficiently so that they can successfully find qualified leads for their brand.

If you want to generate good leads for your business and generate more profits, here are some effective and smart sales prospecting techniques your sales department should try.

Let’s get started.

1. Research Your Buyer Persona

It is one of the most important steps when it comes to prospecting. To improve your chances of getting more leads and providing value to them, you need to determine if the prospect is interested in your products or services. You can develop a connection through personalization techniques to build the credibility of your brand. Find their buying habits, interests, dislikes, industry, preferences, demographics and other important details to discover your buyer persona. By finding your potential customers, you can better promote your products or services to the audience interested in your business.

2. Create Awareness of Your Offerings

Instead of focusing on selling, it is a worthwhile idea to focus on providing solutions. Your prospects will be more interested in buying things that provide a solution to their problems and makes their lives better. When you know your audience, their pain points, it will become easier for you to confidently speak about how your products can make the real difference in their lives.

3. Track Your Website Visitors

This sales prospecting technique needs the assistance of your marketing team to bring the desired results. Many people visit your website to make a purchase or find the information about your product, service or brand. If they leave your website without completing an action such as downloading an eBook, subscribing a blog, or filling out a signup form, you can contact them through website tracking.

You can use Google Analytics that allows you to check who is visiting your website, how they found you, what they are interested in, and how long they stayed. There are many tools and software available that can help your sales team to uncover the name and details of visitors that are interested in your brand. Your sales representatives can reach out to them to close a sale.

4. Build Relationship with Your Prospects

Keep in mind that prospecting is not about selling your products or services. In today’s competitive sales environment, if you really want highly qualified leads for your business, focus on building strong relationships with your prospective clients. Treat every lead with respect and focus on building a positive relationship with them.

Forcing your prospects to buy your products is not a good idea; it will only put undue pressure on your potential clients. However, understanding their needs, making honest recommendations and delivering solutions tailored to their needs will create a positive impact on your potential clients. Keep in mind, building a strong relationship with your prospects will make them more comfortable to do business with you.

5. Harness the Power of Social Media

If you are not taking maximum advantage of social media, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to gain more potential clients. Investing your efforts to gain more leads using social media can help you achieve the desired results. In fact, if done right, social selling can create company revenue by 16%.

Social media is indeed an effective sales prospecting technique your sales team can use to nurture leads and prospects. Do some research and come up with a list of clients or customers you are actually looking for. You can find and engage with your potential clients and create a strong relationship with people who have already shown interest in your products or services.

Your sales team can provide solutions to their problems, answer their queries, respond to their comments and share branded content. From awareness to the consideration stage, your sales team can use social selling to reach new prospects and educate them on how your products or services can help them solve their pain points and improve their lives. Sales representatives who use social selling as part of their sales strategy can find it easier to achieve their lead generation goals faster.

6. Use Video Marketing for Sales Prospecting

There is no denying the fact that video is a powerful marketing tool that brands can use to create brand awareness and reach new users. Using the power of video can have a great impact on your sales. By creating engaging video content, you can generate maximum user engagement, promote personalization and meet the needs of your prospects. Brands who leverage video for sales prospecting can easily achieve their revenue goals.

Your sales team can use video to show their prospects about how their products and services can improve their business. You can send the video via email so that they can have a better idea about your brand. It is an effective tactic to save you time and stand your brand apart from your competitors.

7. Don’t Forget to Follow Up

If you really want to close a sale, it is advised to keep your prospects in the loop and follow up multiple times. It is a great inbound prospecting technique every salesperson should try. As it gives you a great opportunity to show your prospects you care and establish yourself as a trusted resource for them.
Over to You

Whether you are running a web design agency London, marketing agency or SaaS business, if your sales team is struggling with generating more and new leads, try using these sales prospecting tips that will surely help you reach new prospects and earn more profits for your business.

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Silas Omugbe commented...

Most sales reps fail in prospecting because of lack of research on the buyer persona. This is the first step as it is the foundation of prospecting. Other points mentioned are equally valid.

I recommend every sales professional to read this article.



Many Sales Managers would wish they knew all the above…But I’m privileged to know early enough now…Great Stuff


Nkem Ukandu commented...

This is well articulated. I will recommend this article to anyone who desires to increase his sales and profitability fast. What actually struck me is the issue of follow up, and its germane to sales


WAIDI SADIKU commented...

I have read this article and it is quite indept and interesting, I will share it with my prospects.


Chigozie Okeke commented...

The lack of sales prospects is because of the lack of understanding, besides what is been taught in schools and organization. Sales education is crucial and this tips on sales prospecting is very useful and will certainly leads to more deals.


Ubadinanwa Adaugo commented...

This 7 tips can work perfectly if only the sales team will not only know them but practice them


onyinye ibe commented...

With proper direction from an equally experienced manager, these aligns perfectly!


gaynor Eloff commented...

Sales Prospecting is a very important factor to any sales persons sales process, this article should be read by those who does not think that prospecting is important.


segun Oyetunji commented...

Now, this is a good article to share with prospects.


maxwell muhanji commented...

Research is more vital to greatly succeed in the sales market, gain the knowledge before launching yourself out there incompetently, good insightful article right there. to the sale beginners take a moment to learn and everything falls in line with what you are involving yourself to

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