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6 Ways Lawyers Can Attract More Clientele
Blog / Prospecting / May 5, 2020 / Posted by Sales POP Guest Post / 2443

6 Ways Lawyers Can Attract More Clientele


Being a lawyer can be quite a lucrative practice provided that you have a good amount of clients. However, not all lawyers are skilled in marketing their services. You can be the best at what you do but if you don’t know how to sell it, you’re not really making money from your profession. If you’re struggling to get new clients, here are some strategies that can help.

1.Focus on a Niche

Clients today have much higher expectations for a lawyer’s level of expertise. They’re not going to hire a general practitioner. If they need help with something specific, they’ll go to a lawyer who specializes in that practice.

If you don’t have a niche yet, now is the time to find one. Figure out an area you’d think you’d be really good at and focus on that. There’s divorce lawyers, real estate lawyers, immigration lawyers, and so on. Doing this will greatly narrow down your potential leads but it will also reduce your competition and you’ll easily become the go-to lawyer in your field.

In your case, let’s say you’re really passionate about people who are unable to work due to a disability, you could be a social security disability lawyer. You help clients see legally whether it makes sense to file or not. In return, you’ll have clients who are more satisfied with your service and will likely recommend you to others.

2. Nurture your existing customers

As mentioned above, your clients can be valuable resources for referrals. So even if you’re done working with them, it’s still important to maintain that relationship. Follow up with how they’re doing, include them in your email newsletters, etc. They may not necessarily need your services anymore but you’ll be on top of their mind if they come across someone who needs your help.

3. Network

Get out there and network. If you have no connections, the best places to start are in bar associations and committees. It’s a great way to form relationships with fellow lawyers. And no, you don’t have to worry about competition. Again, most lawyers today specialize in a niche. If they come across someone who needs your specialization, you might just be the first person they call.

You can also give talks at local organizations. Start with places near you like your local church, local business, social groups. This puts your name out there so people are more aware of who you are and what you do.

4. Create a website

Having an online presence can create more opportunities for you. Hire a web developer to build a site that showcases your specialty and services. Make sure to link them to your social media profiles so more people can find you. Here, you can interact with potential customers and build relationships with them. These are just the basics. Once you have those covered, you can add in more features like a blog, live chat, newsletter, and reviews.

5. Collect reviews

Speaking of reviews, you should collect them from your past clients. Reviews can be a huge factor in your getting that potential client to convert. Most people will look at reviews before deciding to get a service. If they find positive reviews, they’re more likely to hire you and refer you to people they know.

6. List your business on Google

Another way to get your name out there on the world wide web is by listing your business on Google. This is probably one of the most underutilized marketing tools out there, and it can be helpful especially if you’re targeting local clientele.

When you list your legal services on Google, your name will come up in the results when people search for a lawyer. When doing this, make sure to have all the important details like your phone number, address, website, etc.

Which of these tips did you find the most useful? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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