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🎧 The Digital Selling Game Changer
Podcast Salesperson Traits / PodCast / May 8, 2020 / Posted by Bill Butler / 1833

🎧 The Digital Selling Game Changer


Digital selling is more important now than ever. It is invading many different aspects of our lives and careers. Sales can tend to be slow to adapt, especially when business is good. But there is no better time to start integrating digital selling tools than right now. We’re going through a unique upheaval with COVID-19, and many people are switching to digital tools to help them continue selling despite the global changes. But digital selling tools can help salespeople sell easier, better, and more, both now, and when things reopen. Bill Butler explores how digital selling can be a true game-changer in this expert sales podcast interview, hosted by John Golden.

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About Author

My professional passion is helping sales reps exceed quota and companies grow revenue. With over 2 decades growing start-up companies, it’s evident old sales models are dying fast. In our digitally and socially connected world, buyers are now self educating and engaging sales reps much later in the process.

Comments (2)


Andrew Anakhu commented...

Great discuss with Bill Butler. Bill really demonstrated amazing understanding of the effective use of digital selling in these times and beyond. It is clear that digital tools can help salesmen sell better, sell easier, and sell more. He knocked off the fear that digital tools is a replacement for the salesman instead it enhances the agility of the salesman and the agile use of the process. Very enlightening!


Francis Ng'an'ga commented...

Surely digital selling is a salespeople tools especially now that contact with people is not very much encouraged at this time of COVID 19. ~# digital selling.

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