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🎧 Making The Sales Process Enjoyable
Podcast Sales Processes / PodCast / Jun 24, 2020 / Posted by Tasha Smith / 1484

🎧 Making The Sales Process Enjoyable

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Most people do not associate the sales process with an enjoyable activity. Usually, the most common thing that comes to mind when thinking about a sales process is a horrible sales experience that still haunts your past. But there is a way to redeem yourself from those haunting sales calls, and turn the sales process into something is actually enjoyable. To do this, you must stop thinking about this idea of what sales should be, and start thinking about how it can become an enjoyable, efficient part of your everyday selling routine. In this expert sales podcast interview, Tasha Smith, interviewed by John Golden, explores how to enjoy the sales process with five key steps.

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Franklin Chidi commented...

Great interview, very insightful on how to make the sales process more enjoyable. A very realistic, practical and rewarding approach to selling.

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