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🎧  From Squatting in Bank-Owned Property to Success
/ PodCast / Aug 18, 2020 / Posted by J Massey / 1263

🎧 From Squatting in Bank-Owned Property to Success


J Massey is the author, speaker, and the podcast host who teaches other people to become better entrepreneurs. In the new Expert Insight Interview, he will talk about starting a short-term rentals business, as well as finding ways to reinvent and upgrade ourselves in the face of the changes the world is going through.

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About Author

J. Massey is CEO of CashflowDiary he is currently functioning as a landlord, private lender, real estate investing consultant, investment manager, speaker, author, mentor, and community advocate. He now educates Others on How To Invest in Residential Multi-Family and Commercial Properties for Passive Income via Wholesaling and Raising Private Capital

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J. Massey invites readers to join him; his hope is that he can motivate people to make changes in their lives that benefit them, their families and on for generations to come. It is his mission to provide clean, safe, affordable housing. This book is…
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