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🎧 Effective Strategies for Engaging – Retaining a Multi-Generational Workforce
/ PodCast / Oct 13, 2023 / Posted by Kira Wissman / 10

🎧 Effective Strategies for Engaging – Retaining a Multi-Generational Workforce


In this podcast episode, John Golden interviews Kira Wissman about motivating employees and achieving engagement and loyalty across different generations in the workforce. They discuss the challenges of managing and communicating with employees from different age groups and the importance of being an authentic and compassionate leader. They highlight the differences between older and younger generations in terms of working conditions and expectations and emphasize the importance of flexibility and accountability in engaging younger employees. Kira shares her insights on building a cohesive team in a virtual work environment and the dynamics that change when remote employees come together for in-person meetings. She emphasizes the importance of fostering inclusivity and connection in meetings.

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About Author

Kira is a dynamic, dedicated, operational & finance leader offering 20+ years’ experience in both the private and public arenas. She describes her leadership style as collaborative and compassionate and brings an array of excellent technical skills to the table. Experience in managing the financial and administrative processes of an international corporation early in her career has provided an extremely well-rounded view of the business world. She has experience in tax, financial reporting and analysis, inventory management, budgeting, operations management, human resources, and much more.


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