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🎧 An End to Small Business Failure
Podcast / PodCast / Jan 11, 2020 / Posted by Rich Allen / 2138

🎧 An End to Small Business Failure


Many small business owners think that if they just work a little harder, things will get better and their business will grow. But in reality, working harder is not always the answer. It can actually run people directly into the ground if the work is not the right kind of work. This is especially a threat to small business owners. Interviewed by John Golden, Rich Allen explains how to put an end to small business failure using the metaphor of a bike to develop a simple, yet powerful business model that can change the lives of small business owners.

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About Author

Rich is passionate about helping business owners engage and activate the power of their team to TRANSFORM their business and achieve exceptional results. He believes your business should provide you with personal satisfaction, time freedom, and financial security.


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