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Work in Gmail? Work in Pipeliner CRM? No problem!
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Work in Gmail? Work in Pipeliner CRM? No problem!

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Our number one goal is to make work as easy as possible for salespeople and sales managers. Our most recent effort along this line is our new Gmail Inbox App–if you, like millions of others around the world, work in Gmail, you don’t need to switch back and forth between Gmail and Pipeliner CRM. It’s all right there in Gmail.

Our new Gmail app is a Google Chrome Extension, and is free to Pipeliner users. Simply download it from the Google Chrome Extension store.


When a new email comes into your Gmail inbox, you can view all Pipeliner contacts, accounts, leads, opportunities, tasks, and appointments associated with email addresses–without switching between Pipeliner CRM and Gmail. You can save a new contact to Pipeliner, review all recent business for a contact, save all email content to Pipeliner, and create and save additional records related to the contact that wrote you.

When speaking or writing to a Pipeliner contact, the Smart Inbox Preview Pane allows you to review all associated contacts, accounts, leads, opportunities and activities directly within your online Gmail. You can review a contact’s related data, create new data related to the selected contact, save a currently received email to the Pipeliner Contact, or even call a contact directly from within Gmail (over Pipeliner Mobile CRM App). You can preview data from Pipeliner CRM related to a selected email. Click on any email in your inbox, and the Pipeliner CRM Gmail Inbox App matches data from the sender and recipients with data in your Pipeliner CRM.

The Quick Create feature allows you to create a record from within Gmail as a new account, contact, lead, opportunity, task or appointment. You can also save an email contact and attachments as a feed message or a document.

There is much more to our new Gmail Inbox App. Check it out!


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Bruce is a freelance writer and a 20+-year marketing veteran. During his career he has worked very closely with salespeople, achieved an understanding of how they can best be assisted by marketing, and gained a keen insight into the innate and singular abilities they demonstrate day in and day out.

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