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Pipelinersales Inc. Creating an IT Revolution
Blog / Pipeliner CRM / May 21, 2013 / Posted by Colleen Toumayan / 4984

Pipelinersales Inc. Creating an IT Revolution

Pipelinersales Inc. Comes to the US—Creating an IT Revolution

Marina Del Rey, CA—Pipelinesales Inc. today announced the launch of its US operation. Already a well-established European company, it is revolutionizing the US CRM marketplace with its unique Pipeliner sales CRM software.

Nikolas Kimla is the founder and managing partner of Pipelinersales, Inc. and the creator of Pipeliner CRM software.  More than 19 years ago, Kimla set the foundation for Pipeliner’s future with his company Uptime IT-Technologies Inc.  The groundwork for the successful development and later deployment of Pipeliner CRM was laid with World, a banking compliance solution developed and operated by Uptime with more than 5,000 customers worldwide. The acquisition of World Check by Thomson Reuters in 2010 enabled Uptime to transition into a full-fledged software house.

Kimla is also the initiator of the independent economic platform GO AHEAD! based on the principles of free market economy. In addition Kimla is a renowned author  and has just released a new book entitled Salespeople Embracing It All. Previously published works by Kimla include The IT Revolution and Empty Coffers–New Burdens.

Pipeliner sales CRM has already made great inroads with over two million downloads in its first year on the market confirming the huge potential globally. Kimla is committed to realize this growth potential, and the company has recently started to build a powerful sales team in its core market, the US, including Todd Martin as VP of Sales. Martin brings over 20 years of sales and executive management experience, with 14 years exclusively within the CRM industry. Previously Todd served in sales management roles with GoldMine, SalesLogix, Sage CRM, and Nimble CRM. Pipeliner is also teaming up with experienced partners in Germany and India to accelerate their global expansion plan.

At the foundation of the development of the company and the Pipeliner product is a business philosophy based on the Austrian School of Economics.  “The Austrians are central to all of my books and thinking, because they are the only economic school of thought that assigns entrepreneurship a pivotal role in economic development,” Nikolaus Kimla stated. “My own sales management software, Pipeliner,  is a product based on the highly relevant findings of 150 years of economic history and economic theory as developed by the Austrian School. The objective is to provide the best possible support for entrepreneurship.”

In a practical application of this thinking, Pipelinersales Inc., is here to empower individual salespeople and return to them their entrepreneurial spirit.  Kimla added, “The Pipeliner CRM tool is more than an application; it stands for a principle. An entrepreneur’s task is to create knowledge and seek out opportunities for profits—in other words, to utilize the advantages that come from information. Salespeople are individuals who think and act as entrepreneurs, who take personal responsibility in freely shaping economic events.”

For more information on Pipleliner sales CRM software please visit:  Get your free trial of Pipeliner CRM now.

For further Information about Nikolaus Kimla and his latest book Sales People Embracing It All visit:

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