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How we got to 10000 tickets
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How we got to 10000 tickets

We would like to commemorate this post to our great milestone. We wrote our 10000th ticket for tracking the development of the project Pipeliner CRM!

It was on February 22nd 2008, when we created very first trac ticket for tracking the development of Pipeliner CRM, a sales application that visualizes the sales pipeline management. During these 1600 days, we worked hardly to build a software that helps you to better manage your sales activities. We are grateful for the amazing feedback and would like to thank everyone:

“We are very pleased that we have such a great community that cares so much. Thank you for your help. We are very proud to have you around!”

The Very First Ticket

We have reviewed 10000 tickets and would like to share with you the most interesting ones. It’s always refreshing to read the very first ticket in our tracking system. So here it is:

Dynamic Target
Ticket #1: GUI РMissing Design of a Target

The sales target was one of the first features within Pipeliner CRM. The sales target shows the actual probability of your sales achievement according to your pre-defined target goal. The sales target is one of the core elements of the Pipeliner application, and also one of the most appreciated by the community.

The Very Funny Ticket

We created many “enhancement”, “tasks”, “usability change” tickets and some of the 10000 tickets were really funny. Here is one:

How to remove lost opportunity
Ticket #301: Toilet / Recycle bin / Knife /Bomb deletion of the Opportunity

We have been thinking how to enable users to easily close lost sales leads and opportunities. The idea was to draw a symbol that represents the loss as much as it can. We ended up with the recycling bin. However, our graphic guys drew the toilet version. Would you like to threw your lost opportunities into a bin or a toilet?

The 10000th Ticket

Our dev team leader wrote a special ticket to commemorate the 10000th ticket. Here it is:

A beer for the developers of pipeliner crm
Ticket #10000: Beer for developers!

Just to let you know, we have successfully resolved this ticket during our Christmas Party.

Once again, we would like to thank you that you helped us to write 10000 tickets and reach this milestone. Please stay tuned and join us in celebrating future development of Pipeliner CRM.
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