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🎧 Value Judgment Intelligence Quotient
Podcast Sales / Negotiations / Apr 30, 2019 / Posted by Spencer Marona / 3992

🎧 Value Judgment Intelligence Quotient


John Golden talks to Spencer Marona about value quotient ” Axiogenics, linking thinking to performance. Spencer explains the difference between VQ “value judgment intelligence quotient” versus IQ “intelligence quotient” versus EQ “emotional intelligence”. How important that really is for leaders. Emotional intelligence in regards to being able to handle yourself when employees’ conflicts arise, being able to really keep a level head, reading people’s moods, emotions and body language.

About Author

Spencer Marona, CSC is the founder and owner of PERFORMANCE NORTH, a sales performance, and leadership development consulting firm. Spencer helps his clients rapidly elevate their revenue via a hybrid of solutions including using an objective, scientific, and measurable tool that measures how the thinking of an individual, team and/or organization impacts performance.


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