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Reading Body Language Reveals Much
Blog / Negotiations / Aug 4, 2023 / Posted by Elinor Stutz / 32

Reading Body Language Reveals Much


Four couples enjoyed dinner as a small social group, followed by a more profound conversation afterward. The discussion was remarkable, and one gentleman’s facial expressions throughout were highly entertaining! However, it was a superb reminder to be aware of our posturing, including facial expressions, while speaking with prospects and clients. Those appearing on the person’s face would have killed trust and the sale!

The evening’s topic concerned aliens visiting and inhabiting the Earth. Whether or not we believe the idea, listening to the stories of those who do is intriguing and may change minds. Years ago, an encounter in Roswell received much noise and negativity. But today, we see articles that the government, through the years, was attempting to hide artifacts from spaceships and knowledge of aliens on Earth. It is still a highly controversial subject, but it will undoubtedly be ours to discuss as time progresses.

No matter the topic with friends or clientele, respect is essential in all cases. I was intrigued by what the gentleman shared with us. As a former salesperson, I listen intently to what others say and pose questions when I do not fully understand. However, I did all I could not laugh out loud upon watching the other gentleman’s facial expressions! Most notable, he was:

– Rolling his eyes

– Shaking his head back and forth

– Looking up at the ceiling frequently in disbelief!

Whether a personal conversation, one about space aliens, or one with a business orientation, it is vital to be acutely aware of how others respond throughout the meeting. Aside from selectively choosing words on either side, there are other elements to consider seriously:

– Body posturing

– Facial expressions

– Gestures

For business, the moment we see an unusual look or movement by the person or people in front of us, we do our best by stopping immediately to ask if they have questions. And the next best move is to acquire complete understanding via more questioning before attempting to further the discussion.

For sales, the crucial point is to enjoy the conversation, build a bond with each person, and intrigue them enough to continue the topic. Accordingly, I will visit the home of the person wanting to educate us further about aliens on Earth.

Observe Posturing

Engage others as you speak to notice people leaning in to learn more or pushing back, appearing somewhat detached. Getting accustomed to doing so has one realize that reading body language reveals much. Recall strange looks you may have seen and how you felt upon seeing them. Moreover, did you end the conversation by walking away?

Consistent observation and diplomatically handling discord will earn you more opportunities, proving that body language is more meaningful than most realize. And the complementary study is in public speaking. Additionally, increasing energy before meetings increases enthusiasm that comes across naturally to gain further interest. Combining techniques will noticeably engage your audience and attract additional interest to reach the end goal of increasing sales.

Increasing awareness of your body language and that of others will enhance your conversations exponentially. The reasoning is that you become more aware of what others hold essential and when to drill down with questions to gain more insightful answers. Your meetings will become far more engaging and encourage additional business.

Sales Tips: Body Language is More Meaningful Than Most Realize

  1. First up is to showcase an authentic smile.
  2. Inquiring how the person came to believe what they stated furthers the conversation more quickly for a deeper understanding.
  3. Be aware of your typical gestures and facial expressions that can offend some people.
  4. Attempt to connect the dots between what you hear and what you have previously observed to discuss topics in-depth.
  5. Ask about new business plans.
  6. Detect where you can assist with future projects or current business.
  7. Upon realizing the possibility of working together, include the ‘how’ as you ask the other person if they are interested.
  8. Hearing an agreeable answer, begin collaboratively by formulating an initial plan.
  9. Review the goals and strategies for a cohesive framework for working together.
  10. Celebrate Success!
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