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Will You Change To Improve Outcomes?
Blog / Motivational / Aug 26, 2021 / Posted by Elinor Stutz / 1558

Will You Change To Improve Outcomes?


What frightens most people is the need to change, and that prompt’s today’s question, Will You Change To Improve Outcomes?  Many factors weigh in on the question that affects future business.

A need for a new effort plus the need t reset goals new ends. Otherwise, everything grows stale. Little control is ours regarding outside factors, but our job is to deal with them. The key is to take care of an essential matter as quickly as possible to return to focusing on our work efficiently.

Routines and disturbances can be annoying, the outcome for immediate attention far outweighs ignoring them. In the early stages of a career or entrepreneurship, the learning curve is staggering. Societal change makes it worse, and financial concerns can be a downward spiral for many. They were not willing to change.  No doubt these are some of the reasons why so many people vacate their business in the first year.

Five Factors Affecting Our Outcome

The initial steps are to review the following five areas that may be reducing effectiveness:

1. Habits

Most people are in the habit of getting into an efficient routine for everything to appear to be working well. But to our annoyance, technology becomes outdated, and new purchases are necessary. However, we put them off. Sales may be booming for a few years, and then they appear to taper suddenly. We halt everything. The question becomes, was it a sudden stop for business, or were we ignoring the signs?

Goal setting and tracking them every day may appear to be almost psychotic for many. However, correlating our habits with our attention to goals is telling and can practically predict the future.  We have a need to be willing to change.

2. Out with the old – in with the new

Although most of us will not reach the capacities of the corporate giants, they do convey an essential message to the population at large. Their latest products and services are what sell and attract new audiences. Therefore, we are to review what is getting stale with our offerings and align new ones with the interest of our clientele. It’s the only way we can remain gainfully employed or maintain a profitable enterprise.

3. Mindset

We can choose to believe an idea is ridiculous, or we can take time to test it to see if it works. Expensive endeavors are another matter. I’m referring to suggestions from peers or something that we read or hear. For the creative sector, ideas need testing to determine whether they are worthwhile.

Behind all of the testing and research is whether we believe we can achieve what’s on our minds. Being willing to change on behalf of achieving our dreams is very different from taking orders.  Long ago, I was told by many that my ideas are too ‘pie in the sky and will never work and that I need to pare them down.

Did I listen? Gosh, No!
I’d be nowhere if I did not believe in myself and my ideas.

My discovery leads to #4 – sometimes, it becomes an urgent necessity to find new networks. Hopefully, we can find a few who will support us and collaboratively support one another.

4. Networks

It is wise to examine the effectiveness of the groups we join on the social platforms and whether they are worthy of our time. Considerations include

  • Are only a few people getting the attention, or is it an open exchange of ideas?
  • Do we admire the achievements of some, many, or none of the people?
  • Is it time to pare down the memberships?

5. Platforms

Some people say they are addicted to one platform and spend hours on it. Others convey they socialize on too many, and that also eats up too much time. Some days I spend more time on social media. However, I do so as I align with the goals ahead. At the other end, I limit the socializing to three platforms that match the audience, clientele, and networks that I desire.

6. Passion and Purpose

Upfront as a new entrepreneur, the idea to follow my passion and purpose sounded frivolous.  Over time, I realized I was wrong, and I chose to change my thinking.  Choosing my passion and purpose-led me to network with similar-minded people, I carefully selected my platforms of choice, and I am committed to my passion and purpose.  All of the above prevented me from quitting.  Instead, I am enjoying my endeavors and life in general.

Give thought to how you may change to improve outcomes so that you may also embrace your passion and purpose.

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