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Unleash Your Superpower: The Magic of Curiosity
Blog / Motivational / Feb 28, 2024 / Posted by Karen Roy / 16

Unleash Your Superpower: The Magic of Curiosity


I recently had an eye-opening chat with Karen Roy, author and founder of Karen Roy and Associates. We dove into curiosity’s incredible power to transform lives and careers.

The Allure of Curiosity

We started discussing how distractions and instant gratification often stifle natural curiosity today. Karen and I agreed that asking questions and learning from others is so important.

Curiosity builds customer relationships in sales by understanding their business and solving problems. Karen shared how curiosity helped her assist clients in the corporate world.

Curiosity Fuels Purpose

Next, we explored the connection between curiosity and purpose. We emphasized embracing self-discovery and being true to yourself.

Karen described her journey following varied interests. We concluded curiosity can’t thrive alongside fear – it pushes us to overcome doubts.

An Entrepreneur’s Journey

Karen opened up about the challenges of launching her consulting firm. She had to decide whether to stay a consultant or become an employee.

Karen stressed lifelong learning keeps your mind sharp and helps solve problems.

We also talked about asking the right questions and having engaging dialogues. Karen mentioned some initially resist curiosity. But articulating your intent and building trust helps them open up.

We discussed how validation demonstrates a real interest in people.

Break Through Indifference

I noted the need for personal contact and engagement today, especially virtually. Curiosity helps penetrate indifference.

Karen highlighted her online course, Author FastTrack, which helps entrepreneurs write their first book.

I encouraged checking out Karen’s work and getting authoring help. We wrapped up with gratitude and farewells.

Curiosity holds immense power to transform lives when embraced fully. Let’s unleash our superpower!

About Author

Karen Roy is an acclaimed author, leadership expert, and creator of the renowned online book course called Author FastTrack, and she is ready to share her insights. With a mantra of "Take risks and follow your curiosity with all the tenacity you can muster," Karen has transformed her life from a corporate "scatterbrain" to a trailblazing entrepreneur. After enjoying a successful 30-year career in prestigious organizations like Bell Canada, Visa Canada, and Andres Wines, Karen decided to embrace a new path. She left behind her senior roles and established Karen Roy and Associates, a boutique retail consulting firm specializing in sales training, marketing, and operations.


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