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Understand How to Thrive In Chaos
Blog / Motivational / Jun 27, 2020 / Posted by Dennis Brouwer / 2018

Understand How to Thrive In Chaos


How to Embrace Chaos

Embracing chaos instead of running away from chaos involves changing the mindset that you have about it. When that “fight or flight” drive takes over, we have to be able to recognize that it’s our body responding to stress. There’s not actually a threat or any reason to react with an alarming response, and acknowledging this can help us recenter our bodies and reengage our thinking brains. We all have triggers and physical manifestation of things, and if we’re more tuned in to how our body is responding and being intentional about not going with the reaction, and instead consciously breaking it down, can do a lot to get the logic mindset reengaged.

Take a One Step at a Time Approach

When things get stressful, there are people who will step up, but there are many people who will shut down. As a leader, it’s crucial to have a fresh awareness of the most important things or tasks at hand at any given moment. If chaos hits, it can be really overwhelming to think of all the things that need to be done, and the mountain of chaos that lies in front of you. But instead, you can help reduce chaos and recenter your mind by thinking of what the most immediate, important task is. This helps things feel less overwhelming. Remember that you have control over your tasks.

Reactive vs. Responsive

Living in the chaos means reacting, and not responding. The goal is to be responsive, which implies a level of thoughtfulness that reactiveness doesn’t. You can be hyper-responsive and very quick to make decisions, but still utilize the mindfulness and logical mindset that are required to respond to the situation, instead of just reacting to it. It’s quite rare that we will need to react to a situation these days, and knowing how to respond is one of the best ways to embrace the chaos of the sales world.

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