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🎧 Sales Team Motivation
Podcast Sales / Motivational / May 19, 2019 / Posted by Leigh Ashton / 3872

🎧 Sales Team Motivation



In this podcast, John Golden talks to Leigh Ashton about sales team motivation:

It happens to all of us. We know the things that we should be doing, but neglect to actually do them. The same is true for salespeople. Essential tasks that are important for overall sales generation often get pushed to the wayside. “Sometimes salespeople know how to do something, but they just don’t do it!,” said Leigh Ashton, who is interviewed by John Golden.

This podcast comes from a live interview which you can view here;  Essential Sales Tasks

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Sales Team Motivation

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About Author

Leigh is an author, speaker, trainer and coach. She is a 20 year veteran of inside sales, and has served as Director of Sales and Director of Training while traveling the world to launch inside sales teams. She has worked with in-house and outsourced sales teams, selling outbound and inbound.

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Even when outwardly confident, sales people and business owners often lack the inner confidence and practical strategies to achieve great sales results on a consistent basis. Conventional sales training doesn't address the inner barriers that get in the way of sales success. This book does.…
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Comments (5)


Israel Atoe commented...

This podcast is so educative


Onyekachi Amaefule commented...

Thank you Leigh Ashton, you really nailed it. As salespeople most times we want things moving very fast and when we try the first time we generally conclude it doesn’t work. Like you said “you have to try at least 3 times to know how to tweak it”. Salespeople must have patience before concluding it doesn’t or will not work. I appreciate the part you said “the more NO’s you get is a step closer to getting a YES”. Finally, I agree with you and John we need to prioritize those things that are important especially the income giving activities that put bread on the table.


sunny ukandu commented...

Thanks Leigh Ashton for making me to realize that being told NO does not mean I should quit trying. With patience and persistence, we can achieve a lot as salespeople


Anthony Onwuagba commented...

He couldn’t have said it any better!


Bright Areghan commented...

Great podcast. Sales is a process. Giving up because someone says no at the moment does not mean they won’t need the service later up. Consistently follow up and it will yield positive results.

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