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Making Your Own Luck
Blog / Motivational / Apr 11, 2020 / Posted by Bob Miglani / 2491

Making Your Own Luck

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Have you ever said to yourself: “Why not me? Why don’t I find luck when others do?” There is a way to change that and become the person that finds lucky opportunities. It turns out that luck isn’t really about chance, it’s about choice. 30% of our life is completely random. The place you’re born, who your parents are, your family’s financial situation, and other similar traits are all things we don’t have control over. But, we do have control over the other 70% of our life. We have a choice, and we can use that ability to choose to find luck and find success by making unique, different choices that bring us to lucky situations.

Let Go of Fear

Choice can be paralyzing for people. Part of why it’s so difficult to make choices is because it’s hard to predict what is going to work and what is not going to work. We second guess ourselves. Or, alternatively, we try something and then get negative feedback, so we give up. Many people look at the choices we’ve made in the past that didn’t result in success and assume that the choices they make in the future will also end up failing. By thinking this way, you fail before you even have a chance to try. Learning to let go of the fear, and test the waters with your ideas to see if they will come to fruition or not, is one of the best ways to capitalize on choice and find your lucky opportunity.

Multiple Plan A’s

After letting go of fear, it’s time to put some plans in action. Most people have a series of plans that they do in order, waiting for their first idea to fail before moving to the next. They will start with a plan A, and work on it until it fails, and then move onto plan B. The problem with this method is that it takes a lot of time, and time gets wasted between the start of plan A and the start of plan B. Instead of choosing to use this method, have multiple plan A’s. In this way, you invest a little bit of money in two or three things, and then test them in the market and see which plan works the best. You save time, you get rather immediate feedback, and you can find success much faster.

The Beginner’s Mindset

In a beginner’s mind, opportunities are endless. You welcome criticism and feedback so that you can continue to grow and learn and change. But as we graduate into more advanced levels of our careers, we lose the beginner’s mindset. We start to have an ego that does not coexist with mistakes, and only look through our own lens. One of the ways to invite luck into your life with your choices is by choosing to see things from the beginner’s mindset, and take on the growth opportunities that present themes along the way. You can’t see these opportunities when you don’t think from this mindset.

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