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Are You Preparing To Take Control of Your Career
Blog / Motivational / Feb 22, 2023 / Posted by Elinor Stutz / 34

Are You Preparing To Take Control of Your Career


Whichever career path we select, there will always be people attempting to prevent our progress, especially women and people of color. The news suggests that the havoc plays psychological havoc on those without experience speaking up when the time requires doing so. However, you can change your course for future achievements by gaining the confidence to speak up to take control of your career. More importantly, confidence builds for you to step into your authentic self and become proud of who you are.

Upon hearing the question, ‘Can you supply quotes for young people attempting to advance their careers?’ the quotes below came to mind. A few were repeatedly heard while growing up, but the remainder came to me as I overcame tough challenges to achieve a better outcome.

First and foremost, the quote from childhood that saved me from bullies in the corporate environment is,

“If you don’t stand up for yourself, no one else will.”

Heeding the early lesson and applying it to ‘put-downs’ led me to the best sales strategies:

“Stop, look, and listen” – observe facial expressions, gestures, and body language to understand the other person’s perspective fully.

‘Question, listen, and clarify.’

Before speaking about anything you have to offer, it is vital to consider everything on the other person’s mind and ask many questions upfront for a better understanding. Only then can you genuinely connect the dots between your offerings and the other person’s desires.

Persistence Will Keep You In The Game and Aid Advancement

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

Never give up; find a better way.

Baby steps every day will get you to your goal.

Nothing is impossible with the desire to figure out your best path forward.”

Remember, you are unique, and what will or won’t work for others may not necessarily prove true for you.

Leadership Success

The better leadership style is to be inclusive and embrace diversity and inclusion. Listening to understand brings about a more comprehensive range of possibilities. People from varying backgrounds possess various experiences from which we may all learn. By embracing and acting upon the concept, your perspective widens, solutions will deepen, and success will expand.


  • “Trust is the soul of sales and all else that you do.
  • Consistency in words, actions, and deeds develops trust and builds a reputable brand.
  • A dedication to learning plus trial and error to retry will get you to your goal.
  • Our worst experiences are our gifts in disguise.
  • Respectfully listen to all perspectives to realize the gold nuggets previously unknown.
  • The collaborative effort can bring about exponential growth with supportive peers.”

A collaborative mindset of sharing your best insights to help others succeed can launch you into leadership as an entrepreneur. The appreciation will thrust you into the spotlight, and the motivation will kick in to help many more.

‘Believe, Become, Empower.’

(Believe you can do it, become that person, and empower others to do the same.)


Every morning awake with renewed enthusiasm for your long-term vision and focus on that goal to do what is necessary for a baby-step advance every day.

Heed Life Lessons to Improve Relationships

To receive better introductions, be respectful of all. No matter whom you encounter, their professional title matters not. However, what matters most is how you treat them because they know the executives who can help you advance.

Above all, be truthful with consistency intact. Your words, actions, and deeds are essential because friendship underlies all your interactions and all communications. Demonstrate what people want to know about you to attract them to your services and see the business expand.

Heed Life Lessons

Believe in Yourself! Nothing is impossible with the mindset to continue, no matter the obstacles in your path. Positive thinking will help you arrive at your destination only to move beyond! Looking back, you will be amazed by all that you have accomplished.


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