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The Ultimate Guide to Creating the Best Online Shopping Experience (video)


Unlocking the Online Customer Journey: From Drab to Amazing

Hey there fellow online store owners and entrepreneurs!

I just listened to an amazing podcast episode that delved into the world of customer journeys and how they can transform your online business. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on these valuable insights!

The episode starts off by discussing the importance of understanding the customer journey, both in physical retail stores and the online realm. Our guest speaker, Eric Melkor, emphasizes the need to treat online visitors as people, providing them with a pleasurable experience rather than bombarding them with annoying pop-ups and fake deadlines. After all, who wants to feel like just another click on a website?

But fear not, my fellow e-commerce enthusiasts! The episode also shares some fantastic examples of brands that have successfully improved their customer experience. Take Indestructible Shoes and Blanchette, for instance. These brands have found unique ways to engage their customers and create an unforgettable online shopping experience.

So how can you improve your own customer experience? Eric suggests taking a step back and evaluating your current approach. Utilize conversion rate optimization techniques and create custom reports in Google Analytics to gain valuable insights. And don’t forget about personalization, especially for your international customers. After all, who doesn’t love feeling special?

But wait, there’s more! Eric mentions a checklist offered by Optima Inc., a company that helps online store owners identify areas for improvement. They ask key questions like your cart abandonment rate and whether you’re building both an email and SMS list. Based on your answers, personalized recommendations are provided, giving you a clear roadmap to success.

Speaking of growing your email and SMS lists, Optima Inc. also integrates with platforms like Klaviyo, HubSpot, and Active Campaign. They even offer effective pop-up strategies, using them to welcome international visitors or tease new items. Plus, they’ve got an AI-powered smart headline generator for A/B testing – talk about cutting-edge technology!

Now, let’s talk about chatbots. Optima Inc. may not be a chatbot platform, but they’ve got an interesting alternative. They recommend sending personal videos to your customers, especially if you’re a smaller business with high-ticket items or in the services industry. It’s all about making that personal connection, baby!

But wait, there’s even more goodness to uncover! Eric introduces us to OptiMonk, a conversion rate optimization specialist. Their main focus? Increasing average

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