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The Most Transparent Platform for Charitable Giving (video)


Shine a Light on Giving: Chase Harmer and the Dawn of Transparent Charity

Ever feel like your charitable donations disappear into a black box? Wishes founder Chase Harmer knows the feeling. That’s why he’s built a platform that’s revolutionizing giving by shining a light on where your money goes.

From Hospitality to Heartfelt Tech: Chase’s journey is anything but ordinary. After graduating from Cal State Pomona, he ditched the traditional path, diving headfirst into the online world. Wishes, his first venture, tackles a critical issue: the lack of transparency in charitable giving. Profit Pay, his other brainchild, streamlines online payments for businesses.

The Transparency Gap: Chase’s passion for Wishes stems from a personal desire to know the impact of his donations. He saw a disconnect between well-meaning donors and the causes they supported. How much was actually reaching the intended recipients? Was it making a difference? These questions fueled his mission to create a platform built on trust and clarity.

Wishes: Where Giving Gets Real: Forget black boxes. Wishes puts you in the driver’s seat. It vets every cause and nonprofit, ensuring your money goes where it matters. Real-time validation and financial management? Yup, they handle that too, so you can focus on the joy of giving.

Stories, Categories, Cashback

Here’s how it works. Individuals and causes create stories, raising funds for specific categories like education, healthcare, or disaster relief. You choose the category that ignites your passion, donate, and get rewarded with tax deductibility and even cashback! The funds? They land on a virtual Mastercard that is available for use by the people you are helping.

But Why the Secrecy? We talked about the challenges that plague charitable giving: scams, fake charities, and a general lack of trust. Chase believes Wishes can be the antidote, a beacon of truth in a sea of uncertainty. By rebuilding the financial infrastructure, they empower you to track your money’s journey and witness firsthand the impact you’re making.

Companies Get In On the Action

Wishes isn’t just for individuals. Businesses can leverage its transparency to amplify their charitable giving. Employees get to choose causes they care about, fostering a sense of community and purpose. Plus, companies can showcase their social impact, attracting conscious customers.

Large Organizations? No Problem: Chase envisions Wishes as a conduit for large-scale giving. Imagine a dashboard tracking every tax receipt, supported category, and life touched. No more scrambling for receipts come tax season! This is transparency on steroids, empowering major donors to see their contributions in action.

A Brighter Future for Giving

As our conversation concluded, I couldn’t help but feel optimistic. Wishes is tackling a problem that has haunted donors for far too long. By shedding light on the giving process, they’re empowering individuals and organizations to make informed decisions and witness the true magic of their generosity.

Ready to join the movement? Check out Wishes and connect with Chase on social media (links below!). Together, let’s illuminate the path to a more transparent, impactful, and ultimately, more fulfilling giving experience.

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Chase Harmer has spent 26+ years as a payments entrepreneur and was one of the pioneers of virtual credit card technology. After building several companies and creating 7 patents since 2013, Chase leverages his past successes to give back to the community and help other entrepreneurs build businesses as a lecturer and mentor at the Founders Institute.


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