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The Best Caffeine-Free Energy Drink Zero Zero Jitters (video)


Revolutionizing the Energy Drink Market

As a podcaster, I have the privilege of engaging with some of the most innovative minds in various industries. In one of my recent episodes, I had the pleasure of interviewing Daniel Solomons, CEO of Update Energy Drink, and Shawn Wells, an ingredient scientist and formulator. We delved into the creation of Update Energy Drink and the revolutionary ingredient, para zanten.

The Need for a Caffeine-Free Energy Drink

Daniel Solomons, the CEO of Update Energy Drink, and I discussed the traditional energy drink market’s focus on caffeine and sugar. We both agreed that this approach was unhealthy and that there was a need for an energy drink without caffeine. The goal was to provide the desired energy without the negative side effects associated with caffeine. However, creating such a product required scientific knowledge and expertise, which is where Shawn Wells came in.

The Role of Shawn Wells

Shawn Wells, a highly regarded ingredient scientist and formulator, had been researching the properties of caffeine and its effects on the body. He had developed a metabolite of caffeine that could provide the benefits of caffeine without the side effects. This marked the beginning of their journey to create Update Energy Drink.

The Prevalence of Caffeine Addiction

During our discussion, I mentioned the prevalence of caffeine addiction and how different people metabolize caffeine at different rates. Shawn explained that about 90% of the population consumes caffeine daily, but many people want to consume less. He discussed the different metabolisms of caffeine and how slow metabolizers can experience negative side effects from consuming caffeine.

The Creation of Update Energy Drink

Daniel and Shawn shared the process of creating Update Energy Drink. They wanted to create a smaller-sized can with natural, non-caloric sweeteners like stevia and monk fruit, avoiding artificial sweeteners like sucralose. They also aimed to include the highest level of para zanten, a cognitive enhancer, at its study-based dose. The goal was to create a clean-tasting drink without the usual ingredients found in energy drinks like sugars, colors, and excessive caffeine.

The Role of Nootropics

Shawn explained that nootropics are ingredients that boost cognition and enhance focus. They can be drugs, supplements, or herbs. Some well-known nootropics include Adderall and Concerta, as well as herbal supplements like alpha GPC and 5-HTP. These ingredients help achieve a flow state, where focus is optimal without feeling jittery or overstimulated.

The Market Response to Update Energy Drink

When Update Energy Drink was introduced to the market, they received positive feedback from people looking to cut down on caffeine consumption. The drink provided a different type of energy without the jitters or crashes associated with caffeine. It was particularly beneficial for those who metabolize caffeine slowly.

The Future of Energy Drinks

I expressed my excitement about the caffeine-free energy drink, Zero Zero Jitters, created by Daniel Solomons and Shawn Wells. I believe it will be revolutionary in the market, which is currently dissatisfying. Daniel agreed, mentioning that people often drink energy drinks for a purpose but don’t feel fantastic about it.

As a long-time consumer of energy drinks, I invited my audience to try out Zero Zero Jitters and share their experiences. I promised to pass on the feedback to the company. Daniel added that the link to the product would be provided below the video.

In conclusion, I thanked my guests and the audience, and looked forward to future episodes. The creation of Update Energy Drink is a testament to the power of innovation and the potential for healthier alternatives in the energy drink market.

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About Author

Daniel Solomons is the CEO and co-founder of Update. After working for over 4 years in finance, Daniel quit his job and bought a one-way flight to New York City – where together with his close friends, set out to create the world's first energy drink without caffeine...that actually works. After three years of trial and error, they created UPDATE – you can think of it like the Tesla of energy drinks. Shawn Wells MPH, LDN, RD, CISSN, FISSN, is the Chief Scientist of UPDATE and the world’s leading nutritional biochemist and expert on health optimization. He has formulated over 1,000 supplements, food, beverages and cosmeceuticals, and patented 25 novel ingredients including Paraxanthine, Teacrine, Dynamine and Dhydroberberine.


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